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    Odoo ERP: Manage Business Efficiently

    Running a business successfully takes you to a plethora of do’s and don’ts; as everybody wants to take their business to the top. Once you are done with the plan of your business; the next thing comes in the mind is to find a way to accomplish your plan.

    Of Course, you need resources (human as well as material) to execute your plans. However, resources can turn into bane; if not managed properly. Resource Management of your business needs to be managed efficiently for the productive work of your business. 

    Enterprise Resource Management

    Resource Management is crucial for your business as it lets you overview everyone and everything involved in your project. It makes the process more transparent and also lets you see the problems before they actually start. Summing up, it offers you complete control of the things happening to your business project.

    81% of organizations are either in the process of implementing ERP software or have completed implementation.

    Odoo ERP

    When talking about ERP system; how can we forget to talk about Odoo!

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    Odoo is basically a comprehensive business management software. It offers a vast enterprise resource management system which lets your business grow efficiently. 

    You can manage the resources of your business and track every part easily. It lets you overview the utility of each resource without any biases.

    Whether its attendance or recruitment; Odoo lets you do it all effortlessly.

    Why Odoo as an ERP System?

    • It is open source software;
    • Integrated Scalability; which means you can use the variety of modules in Odoo as per your business growth
    • Easy to learn;
    • It is flexible and easy to customise;
    • It Can help to manage a range of industries
    • Available in more than 32 languages

    Enhance your Odoo Enterprise Resource Management System more 

    Odoo Project Timesheet Reports

    Odoo Project Timesheet Reports


    • Using this app user will be able to print a timesheet report.
    • Print detailed timesheet report of the project in Odoo ERP.
    • Print detailed timesheet report of the task.
    • Send a timesheet report to the customer.

    Why do you need it?

    • No need to keep manual track about the progress of your projects.
    • Easily check the time used in a particular task.

    Odoo LeaderBoard

    Odoo LeaderBoard


    • Display Badges in the Odoo ERP Dashboard.
    • Create the Badges in the backend 
    • Grant the badges to the employees
    • Set the weightage of the badge

    Why do you need it?

    • Add trust factors among employees by keeping transparency.
    • It is necessary to recognise the efforts of the exceptional.
    • It also offers the chance to those who have received a negative badge to work hard to receive a positive one.

    Odoo Website Helpdesk & Support System

    Odoo Website Helpdesk & Support System


    • It lets the admin introduce and manage helpdesk/ticket support system on Odoo website.
    • The customer can track all their Support tickets from their Odoo website account.
    • The Odoo user can put internal notes in the Support ticket to post updates regarding the query.

    Why do you need it?

    • A feedback mail is automatically sent to the customer’s email address asking for rating and review after the ticket is resolved.
    • The status of the support ticket can be set to track the progress of the request.

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