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    Odoo Community Vs Enterprise- Know the Odoo Editions

    Updated 23 September 2020

    Odoo Community Vs Enterprise: Let’s see what you need!

    Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

    Odoo is one of the famous business management software which is helping clients to handle ERP, Ecommerce and much more other solutions. Currently Odoo has more than 5Million+ users worldwide.

    Odoo Statistics
    Source: Odoo

    The growth of Odoo is unstoppable; hence, it is expanding day by day. Currently, Odoo offices are located in 9 countries and it also has 2500+ partners.

    Odoo Offices
    Source: Odoo

    In 2005, Odoo was founded by “Fabien Pinckaers” and he named it as “Tiny ERP”. In 2009 “Tiny ERP” was replaced with “OpenERP” and from 2014 this solution is known as Odoo.

    Now, lets check the Version history of Odoo:

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    Program nameVersionRelease dateSignificant changesSoftware license
    Tiny ERP1.0February 2005First releaseGNU GPL
    2.0May 2005GNU GPL
    3.0September 2005GNU GPL
    4.0December 2006GNU GPL
    5.0April 2009GNU GPL
    6.0January 2011First web clientAGPL
    6.1February 2012First Ajax web client, discontinued GTK client
    7.0December 22, 2012Improved web client and usabilityGNU AGPL
    8.0September 18, 2014Revamped Inventory and WMS, Support for CMS: Website builder, e-commerce, point of sale and business intelligenceGNU AGPL
    9.0October 1, 2015Revamped Accounting features, Odoo Community split from Odoo EnterpriseGNU LGPL v3
    10.0October 5, 2016Revamped Manufacturing featuresGNU LGPL v3
    11.0October 5, 2017Studio, Revamped Services Support, Revamped Reporting, moved to Python 3GNU LGPL v3
    12.0October 3, 2018Document Management, IoT-devices, multi-website.GNU LGPL v3
    13.0October 4, 2019GNU LGPL v3
    14.0(planned for October, 2020)GNU LGPL v3
    Source: Wikipedia

    New ERA in Odoo

    IN 2015, Odoo introduced a license version of Odoo which is known as Odoo Enterprise. Currently Odoo is managing two editions:

    • Odoo Community (Open-Source)
    • Odoo Enterprise (licensed & shared source)

    Lets dig Odoo Community Vs Enterprise deeper!

    Service Differences in Both the Editions

    Functional SupportYN
    Bugfix GuaranteeYN
    Version UpgradeYN

    User Interface


    Functional Differences in Odoo

    Sales Management

    Digital ProductsYN
    VoIP IntegrationYN


    Invoicing & PaymentYY
    Complete AccountingYN

    Project Management


    Inventory Management

    Shipping: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPSYN
    Multi Company FlowsYN

    Manufacturing Management

    MRP II (Work Center & Scheduling)YN

    Odoo Studio

    Screen CustomizationYN
    Report DesignYN
    Menu EditorYN
    App CreatorYN

    For details info you can refer to the link

    Which Odoo Edition is better for your company?

    When we talk about choosing the right edition for your company then multiple comparisons come to mind. As discussed above, of course you may get more features in Odoo enterprise; however, there are other important factors to lo look into when choosing between Odoo editions.

    Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    To start any business, cost plays a very important role. So, if we compare these editions with the expect of Cost then let me tell you,

    So if you want to start your setup with less investment or if you are a student/learner then Odoo Community edition will be the Good choice for you.

    But if you are looking for the enriching solution then you can go for the Odoo Enterprise Editions.



    Odoo community is OpenSource and comes up with the free solutions which are easily customizable but when we compare the Odoo enterprise edition then it has more impressive features like PLM, Odoo Bot and many more.

    So, if you are looking for a solution which is rich in every sector then you can choose Odoo Enterprise by paying some extra amount but Odoo Community has also enough solutions which can help you to start your business and for students too it is really useful.

    User Interaction

    User Interaction

    Odoo is one of the great solutions which has more user friendly and elegant interface. Hence, when we compare between the two editions the Odoo Community is simple, user friendly and responsive for desktop users.

    However, the Odoo Enterprise edition has an elegant UI and it is more user friendly. Moreover, it is not just web responsive but it is also mobile responsive at front and backend as well.



    Odoo Community editions come up with the limited inbuilt integrations like “PayU Money”, “Paypal”, “Stripe”, “Alipay” and some others.

    But when we talk about the Odoo Enterprise editions then it is comes up with the multiple solutions related to the Payment Gateway like SEPA Direct Debit, Shipping Integration like: 

    Odoo Integrations

    Connectors like Amazon and EBay

    Odoo Connector

    So if you are  looking for the solutions which include these solutions then Odoo Enterprise editions will be the Good editions for you.

    However, the best part about the Odoo Community edition is that it is easily customizable and it has a large scale of community (Odoo App Store) of third party free and paid apps. It can help you to include these solutions on your Odoo Community edition by paying some amount. This community is a group of multiple Vendors who are continuously giving solutions for Odoo Community and Enterprise editions users.

    Support & Upgradation

    Support & Upgradation

    A proper support is really required for every solution as these days technologies are continuously updating. Hence, the best part about Odoo is that they are always coming up with the latest technologies in every update.

    If we compare these editions with the mentioned characteristics then Odoo Enterprise edition comes up with the support & upgradation service.

    However, Odoo Community edition doesn’t offer these services but other than that Odoo Community Users has some other ways to get support by using below mentioned ways:

    Odoo Installation for Odoo Community Vs Enterprise


    Odoo Community

    So when we talk about hosting for Odoo Community edition then you can manage hosting by yourself or you can choose hosting by third party vendors. 

    • On-premise, Server or Self-hosted solutions
    • Cloud hosting (AWS, Digital Ocean, DreamHost, Google Cloud, etc.)

    As Odoo Community is open source and easily customizable and there are multiple third party vendors to share their contribution.

    Odoo Enterprise

    For Odoo Enterprise users both options are available which means you can manage it by self hosting as well as you can choose Odoo cloud hosting solution Odoo Saas(Odoo Online).

    Advantage for the Odoo Saas (Odoo Online) is that you don’t need to worry about hosting and some other technical thing which is really user friendly but the main disadvantage of Odoo Saas is that it is not open source which means we can’t modify anything.

    Odoo Saas in Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

    But to overcome this drawback of Odoo Saas, Odoo introduces a tool Which helps use the third party extensions and also helps to customize the existing code.

    Summary for the enterprise edition hosting,

    • On-premise, Server or Self-hosted solutions
    • Cloud hosting (AWS, Digital Ocean, DreamHost, Google Cloud, etc.)
    • Odoo Saas (Odoo Online) [Non Customizable]
    • (Odoo Cloud Hosting)
    Enterprise grade release cycle in Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

    Switch from Community to Enterprise

    If you are a Odoo community user and you are willing to switch from community to enterprise then Odoo provides multiple ways to switch from community to enterprise. However, the steps totally depends on your current installation.

    Follow the basic steps to Switch to Enterprise:

    • Firstly, Backup your community database
    • Then, Stop your server
    • After that, Install the web_enterprise module
    • Restart your server
    • Enter your Odoo Enterprise Subscription code

    Odoo provides three ways to switch Odoo Community to Enterprise:

    1. On Linux, using an installer
    2. On Linux, using the source code
    3. For Windows

    Leading Odoo Development Company

    Webkul is one of the leading vendors which is continuously providing enrich solutions to the community and enterprise users. Moreover, our solutions are customer centric to resolve all type of business related problems; some of the areas covered by Webkul Odoo Team are:

    1. Odoo App Development
    2. Odoo Migration Services
    3. Customization Services for Odoo
    4. Odoo Marketplace Pioneers
    5. Odoo SAAS Development
    6. Themes Development in Odoo
    7. Odoo Multi-Platform Connectivity Services
    8. Odoo POS Development
    9. PWA Development For Odoo Ecommerce


    These characteristics can really help you to choose the edition from Odoo Community Vs Enterprise that suits your business requirements!

    However, each business has its set of requirements which is really crucial to take the decision for your business. Though, Odoo community may offer you lesser feature, but the third party vendors can help you to customize any feature in the cost-effective way. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise has its benefits for offering you tremendous features to manage the business efficiently.

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