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Odoo Bridge for Magento V2


Odoo Connector provides a bi-directional platform wherein you can integrate your data bidirectionally. Our Odoo connector is compatible with all version of Odoo. If you want to integrate your Magento e-commerce data into Odoo. This can be done by using our module  Odoo Bridge for Magento V2. Moreover, this module is well suited for your site and provides two-way communication between Odoo and Magento. More precisely, it means that data is synchronized from Magento to Odoo and vice versa.


  • Odoo Bridge for Magento V2 enables the synchronization of products, category, and customers.
  • It facilitates us with the Order State Configuration.
  • Offers Real-time synchronization of orders with inventory.
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatically sync at both ends Magento and Odoo while order/delivery at Magento or POS.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It updates products, customers, and orders at Odoo end.

Module installation on Magento’s end

Magento Odoo Connector module is a package of two modules, i.e Magento and Odoo. You need to install one on Magento and other on Odoo.

Follow these steps for installation

  • Extract the file you received. You will get two folders(one for Magento and one for Magento).
  • Magento Folder contains the base module. Generally, the base module contains two folder app and lib, just copy the folder into main Magento directory.

Just after copying the file. Initially go to Magento Admin Panel< Cache and Index Management.

Simply, login into Magento admin panel.

In order to Set configurations. Just click on Odoo Connector and set all the necessary configurations required.

Configuration at magento end:

Some configurations are required for the synchronization process. Let’s get started with the configuration.

Follow the path Odoo Connector< Odoo Configuration< Save Config. Mention all relevant details which are required for the configuration.

To establish successful connection Click on “Test Odoo Connection” button. After successful connection, you have full authority to sync your products, orders, and customers.

Product synchronization

Follo the path Catalog< Products<Action < Synchronisation to Odoo.  This will synchronize your products from Magento to Odoo.

Similarly, product categories can be synchronized from magento to odoo. Follow the path Odoo Connector Menu < Catalog <Product Category to see the mapping.

Customer synchronization
For syncing Customers,  Follow this path, go to Customers< All customer<Action<Synchronise to Odoo.

Note: Whenever customer will be edited and saved then in customer mapping table need sync option will be updated with “Yes” value. After that, you can update using “Update Customer on Odoo” button which is under Odoo Mapping/customer menu. The similar process will be followed for products, categories, and taxes.
Order Synchronization
This module provides real-time sync of Magento order from Magento front-end. Any order raised at front-end will sync into Odoo in real-time. It will not require any manual operation.

The process is as follows:

Order Synchronisation will synchronize all information like customer name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Items Details, Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Methods, Payments Methods etc from Magento to Odoo.

Any updates on Odoo order status(like Shipping, Invoicing, Payments Done) will reflect back to Magento End and vice versa.

Follow this path for Synchronisation of Orders, Sales< Orders< Action< Synchronise to Odoo.

Installation /Configuration at Odoo end

Moving towards the configuration after installation. Let’s see how to configure the module.

After buying this app from Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Download it and extract,  you will see the “magento_odoo_connect” folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons folder.

Now simply follow these steps:
1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer Mode.
2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
3. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s workflow.

The dashboard will display in front of you with various Mapping options(as shown in the screenshot below).

Enter correct credentials in order to establish the successful connection. With the successful connection. Follow the path “Magento Odoo Bridge<Configuration<Magento Connection” and fill all the relevant details.

Export Operations

It will export and update all your products from Odoo to Magento. Either it will export your products from Odoo to Magento at once or will export and update a single product.

Export mass records like- Categories, Products, Attributes and its values from Odoo to Magento on a single click.

Export/update Single product.

In order to export single product from Odoo to Magento. Follow the below-mentioned procedure.

Follow the path Product<Action<Synchronize to Magento. 


Export Products at Once

If you want to export the products, the no need to worry we have the option to export the products at once from Odoo to Magento.


Real-Time Synchronisation 

Magento Odoo Connector/Erp Connector/Magento Odoo bridge facilitate us with real-time synchronization of the stock and orders.

For instance- Any update in the inventory of particular product at Odoo end will update the inventory or stock at Magento end as well.


In case of any query or for any doubt, kindly raise a ticket at  or drop us a mail at

Current Product Version - 2

Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x and Odoo v9

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  • Mohit Arora
    I am new to Magento and Odoo both.
    What are API Username and API password?
    How to create and use API Username and API password in Magento?
    Please help.
    • Ankur Chaudhary
      Hello Mohit,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      Kindly raise a ticket at, so that we can assist you in all your queries.

      Team Webkul

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