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Odoo 16 Upgrade – Things to Know Before Migrating

Updated 29 May 2024

On October 12, 2022, Odoo released version 16 of the software, which introduced several new features and improvements to the existing ones. Along with that, they made the modules faster and more user-friendly. 

The need for Odoo 16 migration arises to avail of LTS (if you are an Odoo Enterprise customer), get new features, enjoy better and faster UX, and many more. All these updates will aid in making your Odoo upgrade operations more refined and seamless.

Upgrade to the latest Odoo version with our step-by-step video guide. From planning to post-migration support, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or an Odoo expert, our tutorial is for you. Unlock new features and improvements now. Check our video to elevate your experience today!


Features of Odoo 16


As stated in the beginning, Odoo upgrade introduces new features with every new version. And Odoo 16 presented the following features:

1. First comes the performance with the release of Odoo 16, the speed and efficiency of the software have increased to a great extent. It allows for making operations more efficient and quick.

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2. They have fully redesigned vital elements of Odoo to make it an essential part of any firm. In almost every module, they added various functionalities and services to make them more user-friendly. 

3. The Introduction of Knowledge module allows the management to create documents and exchange information. It’s compatible with every other Odoo apps, which helps make organizations more productive.

4. The accounting module now generates Intrastat reporting, VAT ID, Bank reconciliation widget, credit limit, etc. are the new features of Odoo.  All these help make the accounting process reliable and accurate to a great extent.

5. Now, the Email marketing module permits the creation of new templates using existing ones. The global mailing list settings to quickly get the contact’s mailing address. You can now retweet tweets for marketing and social networking purposes.

6. To give more convenience to businesses, they streamlined the POS, Sales, and Websites (eCommerce) modules to use wallets, coupons, and promotions that are merged, meaning you can use the wallet balance or coupons in any one of these modules.

7. The front and back ends of the Website module are now integrated, which means you can control both of them from a single place. You don’t need to switch between the front and back ends.

All these features and functionalities prove the need and importance of Odoo 16 migration services for your business.

However, to check the summarized version of the features read A Roadmap to Odoo 16, and for a complete list visit, Odoo 16 release notes.

Why you need to Migrate to Odoo 16


Odoo 16 Migration is vital, especially for those enterprise customers who were availing of the LTS support for Odoo 13. As per Odoo’s updated policies, support will be given precisely to the latest 3 versions (Odoo 16, 15, and 14). This Odoo data migration will allow them to continue receiving support and improve their operations with the new functionalities.

With the migration of your Odoo 15 to 16, you can get Odoo migration services which hold the following perks:

  • Regular Bug fixes
  • 24×7 support from the Odoo team
  • Additional features and functionalities
  • Functional Odoo support
  • Updates and upgrades to the latest version or desired one

Still, if you are wondering why you need Odoo data migration, these points will help you understand.

  1. According to the updated Odoo policies, the older version (Odoo 13) will not get extended support (its support ends if you don’t upgrade to a higher version).
  2. The older version becomes slower and ineffective with time, losing its importance and usability.
  3. The newer version is more cost-efficient than your existing Odoo version. Also, it has more features than the existing one.
  4. The newer version offers more features that help ease operations and management of the business.

Points to Remember Before Odoo Migration from 15 to 16


Make a Data Backup

To ensure the safety of all your essential data, you need to create a backup before beginning the Odoo migration services or processes. This Odoo backup will allow you to secure all the necessary data in case files get damaged during migration. If you don’t have any data backup module, you can use Odoo Database Backup for your Odoo 16 migration.

Analyze the Customizations

If you are using third-party services or modules, it is necessary to evaluate the level of customization and how much work it will require. Among the customizations, you need to check whether that feature or module is default now. If yes, will it offer the same functionality, or do you need changes? Further, you need to list the number of such customizations at a place.

Identify your Requirement

Identifying and specifying your requirement is an essential part. It means you need to decide why you are migrating, your requirements, how much you are willing to spend on migration (estimate), whether this is the right time to migrate, etc.

Database Schema Comparison

You need to check the database scheme for Odoo migration. If it has been altered, you must compare it to the new schema and make the necessary changes before upgrading.

Manual Intervention

If you have modified or updated your database structure (added or removed tables/columns), you must add them manually after the Odoo data migration.

Knowing the Upgrade Process

You must know the requirements, whether you can test the updates using a ‘Sandbox,’ and will the update be done by creating a test environment, etc.

How to do Odoo 16 Migration


You can follow these steps for Odoo Upgrade.

  1. To begin with, you need to plan. You need to examine your current data and comprehend how to structure it after Odoo data migration. It will give you a general understanding of the business needs.
  2. After you have planned everything, take the next step and find the necessary steps for Odoo 16 migration, such as creating data backup, setting up a test environment, etc. While creating data backup, confirm you cleared all the corrupted and redundant data.
  3. Next comes the Odoo migration services, or precisely speaking, the Odoo migration part. Here, the data, modules, and apps are fully migrated from Odoo 15 to 16, and their duration entirely depends upon the size and complexity of the data.
  4. Odoo migration services are incomplete without proper testing before deploying them to the client’s server. Testing checks whether all the apps, data, and modules are migrated successfully or not. Additionally, this is a crucial step in data migration because it decides if there are any errors, crashes, data loss, etc.
  5. Lastly, after migration, validate that the process is successful and that all the data is in the right place. Now, start with the post-migration simple tasks like redirecting URLs from the old to the new system, entries update, etc.

Choosing the Right Odoo Upgrade Partner


You must be wondering why you would require an Odoo upgrade partner, right? Well, it’s simple, you know how to migrate your Odoo, but can you do it yourself? You need a person who has technical knowledge about the process and requirement for migrating your Odoo. And who else would be better than an Odoo partner?

An Odoo partner who knows the technical and non-technical requirements is working on and understands the process of Odoo 16 migration.

For choosing the right Odoo partner, look for the following qualities:


Search for Hire Odoo developers to find the best Odoo implementation partner for your migration project. Check their portfolio, client testimonials, skills, and work experience with Odoo. All these will help you know what you require and looking for in the Odoo partner. Webkul is an Odoo Silver partner working with Odoo for the past 13 years.

Proficiency and Skills

Test Odoo partner’s proficiency in terms of technology and communication skills. Also, ensure they can work on your terms or have any suitable option according to your requirement. Discussing everything upfront will help you make the right decision and choose the right partner for migration.

Inspect the Odoo Partner

As mentioned above, you must collect as much information about the Odoo Upgrade partner. Study their success rate, ratings and reviews, portfolio, and testimonials. All these will help you understand what the company has done for its clients and whether they be the right choice to provide Odoo migration services.

Support Period and Additional Services

Most of the Odoo partners provide support and training services, which allows you to understand the process and operate the software efficiently and swiftly. Also, once the migration is complete, you and your team need to study and understand the flow and changes to work on Odoo.

Hiring the Odoo Partner

The preferred option to avail migration services is to choose an Odoo partner as they have a trained and experienced workforce who constantly work with Odoo and solve clients’ problems. These partners have enterprise edition source codes. Hence, they can instantly escalate several Odoo issues.


The Odoo migration process is not as simple as it seems, you need expert help, guidance, counseling, and training to understand the software updates. Also, you can’t migrate the software yourself and require some third-party (Odoo Partner) to help you with Odoo data migration. They will help you understand the process and also tell you the process requirements and the right part to migrate your Odoo.

In case, you have any questions, queries, or doubts about the same, then ping us at [email protected] or Create A Ticket Here.

You can further check our Odoo Development Services. Also, find our exquisite range of quality Odoo Apps here.

I hope you find the blog helpful, let us know in the comment.

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