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    How to move Prestashop to new Server?

    In this blog, you will know how to move PrestaShop from one server to another new server

    Step 1 : Safety First

    For safety, take backup of all PrestaShop files and its database.


    STEP 2 : Move all prestashop files to new server

    Move all files of PrestaShop from old server to new server
    Note :: Make sure .htaccess file in the main folder is also moved to new server


    Step 3 : Move Database to new server

    Download database from old server using export button and import it on new server


    Step 4 : Changes in database tables

    ps_shop_url : Enter new domain values in “domain”, “domain_ssl”, “physical_uri” columns
    Note :: if you pull all PrestaShop files in server main folder then value of “physical_uri” is ‘/’ or if you put all files in particular folder like “production” then in this case value of “physical_uri” is ‘/production/’  
    ps_configuration : Enter values according to “PS_SHOP_DOMAIN”, “PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL” according to the new server.
    ps_pagenotfound : change values of “request_uri”, “http_referer” columns according to the new server.


    STEP 5 : Changes in prestashop Files

    Set values of _DB_SERVER_ , _DB_NAME_ , _DB_USER_ , _DB_PASSWD_ variables according to new server database configuration. These variables are present in file of “config” directory

    define('_DB_SERVER_', 'SERVER NAME');
    define('_DB_NAME_', 'DATABASE NAME');
    define('_DB_USER_', 'DATABASE USERNAME');

     Below shows you the changes in .htaccess file present in the main folder.

    • RewriteRule . – [E=REWRITEBASE:/physical_uri/]
    • ErrorDocument 404 /physical_uri/index.php?controller=404

    By following all the above steps you will move your PrestaShop from one server to another.

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x

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