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MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento2


MOB Multi Language Extension is an add-on for Webkul Odoo Bridge For Magento 2 module. As Odoo Bridge provides facility to export and update data between Magento 2 store and Odoo in only one language. This module is very useful for those merchants who are operating Magento and Odoo in multiple languages. So, if you are already using Odoo Bridge module and you want the export of product’s, categories, attribute’s translations to be exported and updated between Odoo and Magento in multiple languages, then “MOB Multi-Language Extension” is the right product for you.

Please Note – You must have installed Odoo Bridge for Magento 2 module first, otherwise MOB Multi Language Extension will not work.  This module is also available for latest versions of Magento 1. Please refer to the mentioned link to read the blog for MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento

Features Of MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento2

  • It allows to export/update all the translations of products, categories and also for Attributes.
  • Exports customer’s language according to Magento store.
  • It is also compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2 and Odoo.

Installation Of MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento2

Odoo Bridge For Magento (MOB) Base module must be installed in Odoo and Magento. After downloading you will get a zip file which will consist of two modules. One which is inside Odoo Module Directory, the second module is for Magento which is inside “src” Directory. Our module support standard installation procedure for Odoo.

Installation on Magento:

Inside Magento Module Directory you will get an `app` directory. Just copy it and paste over your Magento app directory.

Install the module”Webkul_OdooMagentoMultilang” from terminal Magento.

Finally, `Language` menu will appear under `Odoo Mapping` Menu.

Installation on Odoo:

Just copy “odoo_magento_multi_language” module into your Odoo addons directory.

Please don’t forget to check the file permissions and ownership of the module.

Now go to your Odoo admin

Go to settings menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’
Click on Installed Modules
Remove the installed filter
Now you will be able to see the module

Workflow Of MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento2

Starting with Language Mapping at the Magento2 end. Manual Mapping button maps all existing Odoo languages to Magento.

Follow the path Odoo Mapping > Language Menu.

Follow the path Magento Odoo Bridge> Language Mapping to see where the language has been mapped.

After Mapping All Language with a store you can start exporting translation.

Export Translation

This plugin gives you the feature of Export/Update Products and Categories with the multiple languages. Enable the setting “Product Translation” and “Category Translation” for translation configuration

Products &Categories Translation

This plugin gives the facility to synchronize the categories from Odoo to  Magento.

Only Category name will export according to the Multilanguage.

Export Attributes Translation.

This connector allows you to export attributes also from Magento to Odoo. To export the attribute sets follow the path Language Mapping> Export Attribute Translations.


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Current Product Version - 2

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V8, V9, V10, V11

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