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    Meet Ratnesh who is reshaping the Commerce from last 7 Years
    19 August 2019

    Meet Ratnesh who is reshaping the Commerce from last 7 Years

    The greatest assets of any brand are the people. Ratnesh is heading eCommerce Mobile Apps development and working with Webkul from last 7 years. Webkul is going to complete 9 successful years this Aug 26 and we asked a few of the questions to Ratnesh like how he think, plan and execute with a team of 25+ people to ship eCommerce deliverables across 150+ countries making a global impact.

    What were the biggest challenges which you have faced in previous years and how did you overcome them?


    Managing Team and doing development at the same time. By giving power to others so that they can divide my management part a little bit, also they can grow their self by indulging in the management part also. But giving power to others won’t solve your problem 100% as few people execute the power and deliver the result and few just use that as a tool to boss everyone. So you need to observe every action of the delegates, If they are doing good let them do, and If you find there is something fishy going on, you need to intervene and solve the issues right away.

    How did you conquer failures and keep the team motivated all the time?

    Ratnesh Kumar at JSS, Noida

    Failures are an integral part of the success because if there isn’t any failure, we never know what is the actual taste of success, So What we do to conquer failures is to continue to do things whether the result comes in our favor or not. I do not much involve myself in team’s motivation part as I think I have a bunch of very sorted teammates, Most of the times they know what is the best approach to do anything. But there is one thing that teaches everything to everyone is the sense of responsibility, We assign the responsibility of products to individuals and they do their best to make that to the best level.

    What made us win again and again?


    If you are talking about Innovation Lab, then I think the saying “Karm karo fal ki ichcha mat karo” is the most suitable lines and apt reply why we win. We as a team don’t plan to win, we plan to create a product that fixes customers real-time problems.

    As an Organisation where we are heading and what is the future?


    I don’t know about the future, even I am not the kind of person who plans for long interval, I always try to do finish my current thing in the best way possible and it eventualy results in to bright future. If talk about future, everything depends on you, if you do good today for you and organization it will for sure results into bright future.

    Experiments vs SafePlay, What’s the belief?


    Both aspects have a different feel of accomplishment, We need to do a few experiments every month or in two months, most of them may fail, but we see there is some spark in each of the experiment, we need to give too much effort on that experiment to make it safe play for others. And why an experiment is necessary because, if we don’t experiment, we will for sure be dead eventually. But experimenting doesn’t mean you lose your control over existing working things.

    What are your plans for the next big thing?


    My next plan is very basic, but almost everyone doesn’t bother doing so, and that is coding STANDARDS and OPTIMIZATIONS. Almost everyone knows how to code and know-how to execute the assigned things. And even freshers understand things very quickly and soon became executer. Then where is the benefit of having the experience, Experience should be calculated on the way how things get executed but not on the count of years. We all the experience person needs to make standards and optimization their daily routine work and let your subordinates know, how things work.

    Technology vs Ideas vs Hard Work, What actually wins end of the day?


    I give 25%:25%:50% percent of worth to the given streams. As I already mentioned the major part is of hard work, and for sure your never tiring routine is the actual thing that makes you successful. Because of the time when everyone thinks its time for rest but your non-tiring behavior will make you win in this situation. Take rest only when your body is not in your favour. Because the human body is made to adapt to any situation, you just need to be hard on yourself for a few days, after that it will become part of your daily routine.

    What does Webkul means to you?


    Group of like-minded people to solve real-time problems and execute things in a way like no one ever did before and make a prominent mark in the page of history.

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