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Prestashop Marketplace Seller Shipping

  • Version 1.7.x.x
  • Version 1.6.x.x

Prestashop Marketplace Seller Shipping :-This is an advanced shipping module for Prestashop Marketplace. Using this module, seller can completely manage the shipping. Seller can create new shipping methods and can also set one’s own shipping rate. Admin can set either auto or manual approval of seller shipping methods. Now seller can specify their shipping method transit time in multi-language.

Note : This module is an add-on for Marketplace Module. To use this module, you first have to install Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace

Refer– To know the features added to the marketplace seller shipping module according to the versions launched till date go to the link –


  • Seller can create shipping methods.
  • Seller can add their own shipping charges.
  • Created shipping methods has to be approved by admin.
  • Seller can give basic price for each continent.
  • Seller can add handling cost to the shipping methods.
  • Seller can create free shipping methods.
  • Seller can add impact price based on zones-country-state.
  • Seller can assign a unique shipping method to the products being added.
  • In case seller does not assign any shipping method to products, then by default the first available shipping method is assigned to product.
  • Buyers will have the opportunity to choose from the available shipping methods.
  • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the admin’s products at once.
  • Admin can assign own shipping methods to all the seller products.
  • Seller can set the default shipping method for newly added products.
New Features
  • Now seller can add shipping transit time in multi-language.
  • Admin can also add seller shipping methods with multi-language transit time.
  • Admin can enable/disable the manual approval of seller shipping methods.
  • Admin can select whether to send the mail to seller when seller shipping method is approved by admin or not.
  • Admin can select whether to receive the mail whenever seller shipping method is created.
  • Admin as well as seller can apply tax on the shipping rates.
  • Admin as well as seller can select “Out of range behavior” either as “apply the highest shipping cost” or “disable the carrier”.

Video Guide

Marketplace Seller Shipping Installation & Workflow

Marketplace Seller Shipping Order Management


For installing Marketplace seller shipping module you need to install Marketplace module first.

After installing marketplace module you can start the installation of Marketplace Seller Shipping module.

  1. Go to back office ->module
  2. Upload the module zip file
  3. Search “Marketplace Seller Shipping” in module search box then go to module and click on install.

Configuring the Module

Admin can configure the module-

Admin can assign single or multiple admin’s shipping on all the seller products at once.



After installation of Marketplace Seller Shipping Module, seller will see one more menu added on marketplace account-dashboard


After clicking on shipping method, seller can see all the shipping methods & can add new shipping method.


After clicking on “Add New”, seller can add new shipping method.
Now, seller can add their transit time in any language.


After filling all the required fields, you have to click on next button. Now seller can set a basic price for all continents. You need to first define range. After defining range, you can add prices using check box and put price in the input field. You can also add multiple range.


After adding basic price, you need to click on next button where you can restrict size, weight according to your shipping method. If you don’t want to restrict size then just leave it blank.


Click on finish button. Now seller will be redirected to impact price page where seller can add impact price according to zone-country-state.

If seller do not want to set impact price according to country and state then seller can leave the page as shipping method has been already created.

But if seller wants to add impact price then follow below steps :

Note : Impact price will be added to base price when buyer buy the product


Now Select Zone, country, state.


Now click on add impact price.You will see a popup where seller can add impact price according to range given in “Step-5

Add Impact price and click on Submit button.


After clicking on “Set Default Shipping”, seller can set default shipping methods for the newly added products. That means if any seller do not assign any shipping method while adding new product, then automatically default shipping will be applied to the product.

Note:- Seller can set multiple shipping method as default shipping method.


Now seller can see a shipping list where all the shipping methods are listed.

View of the “Basic edit” page :

Impact price edit page:


Initially newly added shipping methods will be in pending state. All the new shipping methods needs to be approved by the Admin.

From here Admin activates the Seller Shipping Method. (Refer the screenshot for the same)

Go to- Marketplace management->Manage seller shipping

At back-end

At Front-end

While adding new shipping methods for seller, admin can also write the transit time in any language.


When shipping method is activated, then seller can see that shipping methods while adding new product through “Add new product” form or seller can see shipping methods on update product page.


  • The default shipping set by seller will be automatically applied to the new product.
  • If seller uncheck the default shipping also or there is no shipping on the seller product, then the admin shipping will be applied on the seller product.

Seller can also assign same shipping method to all the products at once by the help of assign shipping button on product list page.

Note: If you have not selected any shipping method, then by default first shipping method will be assigned to that product which you have just added.


Shipping method will appear as shown in below screenshot.


The user has chosen free shipping, then the product price is not affected.

If the user has chosen the other shipping method except for free shipping, then the product price would have increased accordingly.


If the seller has added the impact price to any shipping method, then the price of shipping will change according to the customer address.

Let’s say seller has created an shipping method and added the impact price on the shipping method-

The basic price of the shipping method-

Impact price set on the shipping method-

Now, let’s say customer add the seller product in cart.

The customer address is different from the zone,country or state of impact price set by the seller on the shipping method.

Now, the buyer address is same as impact price one.

That’s all for Prestashop Marketplace Seller Shipping Module.


For any technical assistance,  please raise a ticket at or for any other support drop us a mail at 

Current Product Version - 5.1.0

Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x.x

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