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    Make to Order in Odoo

    Updated 27 August 2020

    Starting or setting up an e-commerce shop is not child’s play; it takes so much time, money and most importantly is a team which will help to run any e-commerce shop.

    However, you can see multiple e-commerce frameworks like Odoo, Magento, etc…; which helps to reduce time as well as money to set up a new e-commerce shop. But still, there are multiple things that are required to do with e-commerce like setting up accounting and inventory systems. 

    If you have your own e-commerce shop then it’s really important to make your customers happy and fulfil your product stock. It becomes a real pain to manually manage product stock.

    Here, Odoo plays a great role; coming up as a great platform to overcome that pain. Odoo provides multiple things “Reordering Rules”, “MRP” and “MTO (Make To Order)”. All of these have different properties and different advantages.

    So, lets dig a little deeper about MTO (Make To Order)!

    Odoo (MTO) Make To Order

    What is MTO(Make To Order)?

    MTO stands for Make To Order and it is one of the routes present in an Odoo. The Make to Order function will create a Purchase Order for the amount of the Sales Order associated with the product.

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    The process of MTO (Make to Order in Odoo) doesn’t effect inventory.

    If you don’t want to manage or maintain stock at Odoo end then MTO helps to prepare stock once it is required. So, if you don’t want to invest too much in the stock then ‘Make to Order‘ is a better choice as it lets you create Purchase order at the time of sale order confirmation.

    How to configure the MTO in Odoo?

    To configure the MTO in Odoo follow the below-mentioned steps,

    • To prepare MTO firstly navigate to the products, “Inventory → Master Data → Products”
    Manage products for MTO
    • Then, select the product in which you can configure the MTO.
    • Now, go to the inventory tab inside the product details.
    • Select “Replenish on Order (MTO)” and “Buy” routes as well.
    Enable MTO (Replenish on Order)
    Make sure the vendor should be configured inside the products else the above functionality will not work.

    Workflow of MTO (Make To Order) in Odoo

    Create an order

    • Firstly create an order; for that navigate to “Sales → Order → Quotations
    Create an order for MTO
    • Then, create and confirm the order.
    • So, when you open the picking, the picking state will be “Waiting Another Operation”. Which means one purchase order is created for this picking.
    waiting another operation
    • Go the purchase module and inside the purchase order you will see the purchase order(RFQ) which is associated with the order,
    purchase order(RFQ) which is associated with the order
    • After completing purchase order picking status will be changed from “Waiting Another Operation” to “Ready
    “Waiting Another Operation” to “Ready”

    So this is how to fulfil product stock availability without managing stock in Odoo end.

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