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    Make encryptions in Opencart

    If you want to perform encryption then it is very easy to perform in Opencart as the Opencart provides the encryption library(encryption.php) to perform encryptions and decryptions. Actually, Opencart uses the Mcrypt encryption tool for the encryption. You can use any of your encryption key to hash for the encryption otherwise, it will use the key from the config.

    So, if you are not using your key then you have to just put the below code to encrypt and decrypt data:

    $string_to_encrypt = 'Hello';
    $encrypted = $this->encryption->encrypt($string_to_encrypt);
    // value of $encrypted is "9_wJveuFk5oBGivhquffHJyWKA5utvFuyTfaoIPZUwo," in my case
    $decrypted = $this->encryption->decrypt($encrypted);

    On decryption, the value will be decrypted back to ‘Hello’ on using the same key for the decryption.

    If we want to use a different key for the encryption then we have to create the object of the encryption library and sending our key as an argument like in the below code:

    $key = 'abcdef';
    $crypt = new Encryption($key);
    $string_to_encrypt = 'Hello';
    $enc = $crypt->encrypt($string_to_encrypt);
    $dec = $crypt->decrypt($enc);

    We have to use the same key for the decryption for which we are performing the encryption.

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