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    POS Custom Product for Magento 2

    POS Custom Product for Magento 2 module, the POS sales agent can add multiple Custom Products in the cart by just clicking an option on the POS screen.

    If the customer wants to make an order with new arrival products which is not available in the system yet, the sales agent can add that custom product by filling the required fields like product name, price, quantity & note.


    • POS Custom Product for Magento 2 is an add-on to Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS). The user must install Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS) first in order to use this module.
    • This module will only work with the Magento 2 POS Version 2.0.7 and above.


    • Admin can enable/disable module in configuration.
    • Using POS Custom Product for Magento 2, the sales agent can add the custom products in the cart.
    • Custom Product can be added with note/custom message.
    • The sales agent can apply the discount code
    • Split Payment Method is also available for the customer
    • The module is compatible according to Magento 2.3.x


    Customers will get a zip folder then they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. Then the extracted folder has an src folder, inside the src folder you have the app folder. You need to transfer this app folder into the Magento 2 root directory on the server as shown below.

    After the successful installation, you have to run the command on Magento2 root directory-“php bin/magento setup:upgrade”

    Now, run this command in the Magento 2 Root  -“php bin/magento setup:di:compile” as shown below in the snapshot.

    Also, run this command into the Magento2 Root- “php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy” You can refer the below screenshot.

    Now, after running the commands, you have to flush the cache from the Magento admin panel by navigating through->System->Cache management as shown below.

    Admin End Configuration

    After successful installation of the module, the admin can configure it as per requirement. For this, the admin can navigate to Store>Configuration>POS Product On Demand

    Now, from the POS Product On Demand, the admin can activate or deactivate the add-on accordingly.

    Front-End Point of Sales panel

    Now, the sales agent can easily Login the POS System (fronted) by using the Username (email address) and Password and can use the POS Product On Demand to add Custom Product to the cart.

    Here, the sales agent can enter the required values to add the custom product. The sales agent can enter- Product Name, Price, Quantity, & Note.

    Now, by clicking on Continue, the product will be added to the cart or when sales agent clicks on Continue and new, the product will be added to the cart then new popup will open to add another custom product.

    Order details can also be seen in the POS system.

    Now by clicking on Pay, the amount for the order can be paid. Other information is filled here like Customer Address, Discount Code (If any), Custom Message, Payment Method.

    Payment for the order can be split into Cash, Credit/Debit Card. After paying the total amount of order can be placed successfully.

    After placing the successful order, Invoice for the same order can be print through the POS system.

    Manage Order- Admin End

    Now, the order can be managed from the admin panel by navigating to POS>POS Orders>View Order