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    Magento 2 Photo Stock Marketplace

    Photo Stock Marketplace provides a large number of images/videos/audios of different- different categories like Nature, wildfire, Serials etc.

    Seller/ Artist can add their images/video/audio/work to the Photo Stock Marketplace and can earn money as well. Like Istock, Shutterstock etc.

    Buyers can purchase that images/videos/audios from the Photo Stock Marketplace and can use in their business project, college project etc.

    You can create a Photo Stock Marketplace with the help of Multi-vendor marketplace Magento 2. Multi-vendor marketplace for Magento 2 supports the downloadable product.

    Downloadable product means which can be downloaded like Software, Zip files, Images, videos, audios, Ebooks or any kind of goods which can be downloaded.

    It supports any kind of image extension. Admin, as well as sellers, can add a downloadable product to our marketplace as per screenshot –


    We need to take care of some points to build a Photo Stock Marketplace, some points are there –

    Static Data Deployment 

    The main feature of any Photo Stock Marketplace is static data deployment. We can integrate Amazon s3 for Static content deployment.

    Because in Photo Stock Marketplace, Seller/Artist can add thousands of images. So we need a large amount of data storage and Amazon s3 provide a large amount of cloud storage.

    If you are using Amazon S3 integration then instead of downloading and uploading from your server. You can download directly from Amazon s3.

    Also as uploading and downloading will take place from the directly S3 server that means your website/app is more secure.

    Image WaterMarking 

    Water Marking means to place a text or logo over an image. In Photo marketplace, artists provide sample images and anyone can use those sample images.

    So watermarking imposed a identity of an artist on the image and prevent stealing of image as well.

    You can also use watermark for marketing purpose. If you have a watermark on images viewer can easily find your work on the websites.

    for this, you can use default PHP GD library and if you want some more advanced then you can use ImageMagick.

    Server Overloading

    The server will be overloaded when many users upload/download content ( like audio, video, images etc) at the same time or due to heavy traffic.

    If your server is dead then it might affect your SERF (search engine result page ) page ranking. It may also decrease your sales conversion rate.

    To overcome this problem, you can use CDN,  load balancing, Cloud Hosting etc. You can use rabbitmq which provide message queue system to reduce server load.

    DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

    DMCA facilitates a protection for your website content or copyright data. If someone copies your content then you can take a action according to DMCA.

    They have to remove that content or hosting company will close/offline their website. Many DMCA services provide the tools to make difficult to steal your website content.

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation )

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the all latest EU (European Union) guidelines or regulations. You should make sure your website follows this guidelines or regulations.

    It provides control to customers over their personal information or data. GDPR acts a very crucial role in the e-commerce industry.


    At this time, everyone has a smartphone because you can easily carry it from one place to another compared to a desktop or laptop.

    If your website mobile responsive then a large number of people may access your website through mobile.  And for sure, it will increase the sales conversion rate as well.

    But when you use the mobile to open a website it may take higher loading time than desktop because mobile has lesser resources ( Ram, Rom etc.) and mobiles also consume their resource in other Applications.

     Speed Optimization Factors for a Photo Stock Marketplace –

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

    Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework which enhances the speed of website loading on the mobile device. It picks up the component those slow down mobile web rendering and improves them.

    if your website is not working well on mobile and taking so much of time to load, then you may lose lots of customers.

    If you enhance the website loading speed then more people stay on your website. Then for sure, it will increase the sales conversion rate.

    AMP will work only with the mobiles via google. Facebook and LinkedIn also support AMPs.

    PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

    Progressive web apps is a concept or framework which increases the speed of websites or decrease the load time of web pages.PWA is not an application but it can be submitted on google play.

    Offline first approach application first provides the content from the local cache system when internet connectivity is fluctuating. First, you will get content from the browser’s cache so that the speed of your website automatically will be increased.

    CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

    CDN works like a local server. We put a copy of static content ( images, CSS files, JS files) all over the world.

    When Browser sends a request to the Server then it will check the nearest CDN and provide the static content from that nearest CDN.

    Because internet speed also depends on distance so that you will get static content faster if the static content is coming from nearest CDN.

    There are many content delivery networks available in the market. For example – Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, Akamai, MaxCDN etc.

    Image Lazy Loading

    Image lazy loading means on your demand image will be loaded. When you scroll the page images automatically load as per your demand.

    You do not need to load all the images if the visitor does not reach there and for sure it will increase your website speed and minimize the data usage.

    Minifying is also a concept where you optimize the line of code of web pages ( CSS, JS) and can increase the speed of the website. For example, 1000 lines of code will take more time to load rather than 100 lines of code.

    DOM( Document Object Model )Compression 

    DOM Compression will increase the speed of the website via compressing the static content/ files ( images, CSS, JS).

    There are mainly two techniques (Mod_gzip, Mod_deflate ) which we can use for static file compression. Around 90 % of users use the Mod_gzip technique to compress the static content.

    In this techniques, the server has a decoder and the client has an encoder. So that the decoded response ( less size) is delivered to the client. Then the client encodes this response with the help of encoder.

    Lossy and Lossless Compression

    These techniques widely used for data compression. Data compression means to decrease the size of data without loss of information.

    In case of lossy compression,  you get close original data after decompression means the quality of images/ data will be decreased. For example – compress JPEG etc. 

    In case of lossless compression, here you get exact original data after decompression means the quality of the images/ data will not be decreased. example – PNG crush, etc.

    CSS Sprite

    CSS sprite is a feature which decreases the HTTP requests. If you decrease the HTTP requests then for sure the speed of the website will increase.

    It combines the multiple Static content/files ( images, CSS, JS )  and sends a single HTTP request for multiple files.

    Expire Headers

    Expire headers also helps to increase the speed of the website or decrease the page load time and decrease the HTTP request as well.

    It notifies to the browser that requested content is available in browser’s cache or request to the server for that content.

    For Example – if you visit a website again then it will take lesser loading time because some files ( images)  are already stored in the browser’s cache.


    That’s all for the Magento 2 Photo Stock marketplace still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the article better

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