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    Product Pre Order

    Product Pre Order Extension: This extension is to create order for those products that are “Out Of Stock” or which has not yet been released. Using this module Buyer can order out of stock products.

    **Note: This module does not work with Bundle and Grouped Products.


    • Buyer can order out of stock products.
    • Works with every type of products like Simple, Downloadable, Virtual and Configurable.
    • Admin can set custom message to display on preorder product.
    • Admin can set preorder status and availability date.
    • Admin Can set custom percentage of amount to be paid for preordered product.
    • Using this module customer can pay full or partial payment.
    • Customer can receive notification mail.
    • Admin can set mode of notification like Automatic or Manual.
    • Compatible with Multi store.
    • Multi Lingual support / All language working including RTL.
    • The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.


    After unzipping the extension you will find the src folder. Inside the src folder, you have the app and js folders. Now, move the app and js folders into Magento root folder on the server as shown below in the snapshot.

    After moving the app and js folders, you just need to flush the Magento cache, by navigating through System->Cache Management.

    Admin Management

    After the successful installation of this module, configure the extension from the back-end by navigating to System > Configuration>Webkul>Preorder.

    PreOrder Type

    The admin can select Pre Order Type as –

    1. Percent Payment
      If this option is selected then the customer will have to pay a percentage of the product cost.
    2. Complete Payment
      If this option is selected then the customer will have to pay the complete product cost.
    Percent Payment Accept For PreOrder

    In case of Percent Payment PreOrder type, admin will set amount for PreOrder. Using this field admin can accept percent payment for preorder. For e.g If the price of the product is $500 and percent payment accept for preorder is set as 30 then buyer can pay $150 with preorder as shown below screen shot.

    Enable PreOrder For

    Admin can enable Pre Order for –

    • Per Product
    • All Products
    • Few Products
    • All Product Except Some

    If Admin chooses ‘per product’ option Admin have to enable preorder on every product by selecting preorder status.

    In case of Few Products and All Product Except Some, Admin will have to Enable or Disable the preorder for that products.

    Custom Message To Display On Preorder Product

    This field is responsible for custom message display in front of preorder product as shown in below snapshot. Here, “Preorder this product and will soon get back to you” is a Custom message.

    Send Email To Customer When Product Is In Stock

    The admin can choose preferred mode of Email as –

    1. Automatic
      If you choose ‘Automatic‘ option, all the pre-order mails will be sent automatically to the customers.
    2. Manual
      If you choose ‘Manual‘ option, then you will have to manually send mails to the customer.
    Enter Admin Email Id

    All Preorder emails will be sent to the customers from this email id.

    PreOrder – Product Setting

    For Preorder product setting go to the Catalog> Manage Product> Add product.Then this page will be open.

    Preorder status should always Enable and we have to mention the preorder availability date. In case of Preorder, product Inventory should always “Out of Stock”.

    The admin will follow the path in the Magento Admin Panel System > Configuration > Inventory and select “Yes” for the option “Display out of Stock Products.

    Here we can see the different type of products with Preorder.

    Simple Product With Preorder Look Like This:

    Here Percent payment accept for preorder set as 30. Actual price of product is $500. So buyer can pay $150 with preorder.

    For Virtual Product

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    For Downloadable Type Product

    For Configurable Type Product

    **Note: You must make the main product of a configurable product as “In Stock” and the rest of it’s associated products as “Out Of Stock” to apply the Pre-Order to a configurable product.


    Front-End View

    The customer can see their order under My Orders. From here customer can complete their order if product is in stock.

    If Product is in out of stock then below page will be open.

    After clicking on View Order, if the product is in stock and notify by the admin, then the customer can complete their order.

    After click on Complete Preorder, remaining amount will be added to your cart and during checkout there is no need to give shipping charge again.

    After clicking on Proceed to checkout below page will be open. There is no need to give shipping charge again.


    In case of Percentage Payment PreOrder Type, you can add only one preOrder item to the cart at a time. If you add other items with PreOrder, an item will be removed automatically. In case of complete payment PreOrder Type, you can also add other items to the cart.


    Guest Customers

    The guest users can also use the pre-order functionality without logging into the store. After clicking the Pre Order button, the product will be added to the cart. The guest users then have to go to the checkout and fill in the information.

    The guest user can complete the pre-order either by clicking the link in the email or go to the store and click ‘Orders and Returns‘ option in the footer section.

    After clicking the Orders and Returns the guest user will be redirected to order and return page. Here the guest user will provide essential data for viewing their order like:

    1. Order ID: Here the guest will provide the order ID
    2. Billing Last Name: The last name which was given during the time of partial payment billing.
    3. Find Order By: The order can be searched on the basis of the email or zip code.
    4. Email: Email address provided for the preorder.

    On submitting the order details the guest user will redirect to order information page for completing the preorder via “Complete Preorder” button. The guest users will see the partial preorder reference and the remaining amount to pay on the shopping cart page.

    Back-End view

    Admin can see PreOrder list under Preorder > List Preorder. After click on “View” option, admin can see whole order information.

    That’s all for the Product Pre Order module, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

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  • William
    My product price, let’s say $2, includes tax of 7%. When a preorder is made, the customer is charged 50%. In the invoice, it says that customer has paid $1, and tax is shown as $0.13. The problem is, when the stock is back, the customer is charged $0.87 and not the remaining $1. How do I fix this?
    • Rajan Dimri
      Hello there,
      Please share the issue you are facing at so that we can assist you accordingly.


  • Anders Andersen
    In my country it is ilegal to charge for pre payment on credit cards. But it is legal to charge other payment methods like invoicing. Is it possible to disable some payemnts based on if customers buy a pre order product or a normal product?
    • Webkul Support
      Hi Anders Andersen,
      Currently, there is no feature in the module to restrict the payment method. If you want the feature then you can email us at
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