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    Magento Performance Optimization

    Magento Performance Optimization: There is a lot of fuzz about magento now a days and the performance issues in the magento .Frankly speaking Magento is heavy as compared to other shopping cart software and the reason is magento is the only software in the planet which is complete e-commerce package .There is a lot of misunderstanding about magento performance

    Site performance is solely not dependent upon the framework , its also depend upon the hardware and the same concept is applicable with magento .

    So i’ll divide this tutorial in several parts :

    1 – Optimizing Magento database and MySQL configuration

    2 – Optimizing Apache web server configuration

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    3 – Optimizing Magento configuration

    4 – Accelerating Magento with proper cache handler

    5 – Front-end Magento Optimization

    Stay tuned for the part1 :)

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