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    Odoo Bridge For Magento ( MOB ) Credit memo


    Return of a Product by customer and Refund of its invoice is one of the crucial part of any E-Commerce. Thus, In order to manage Return and Refund efficiently, We have introduced our Credit memo module which helps the user to manage the order refund easily. Now a return request from Magento end will create an invoice credit and delivery return for the same order on odoo’s end. User can use this module to manage credited invoice and stock return with an ease of automation. From Magento to Odoo order return synchronize in real time, it is a one way process.

    Prerequisites: MOB Credit Memo For Magento module depends upon our Magento-Odoo Bridge (MOB) Base module. You need to install it before you can use this maintenance module. It is also available for Magento 2.x


    • Real time synchronization of Order Refund from Magento to Odoo.
    • Generation of Credit invoice for the corresponding order refund in odoo.
    • Delivery return or return inward takes place for the order refund.
    • List of customer refund is maintained under accounting.


    Inside the zip file of the module, User will find two folders, “Magento Module” and “Odoo Module”.

    Magento end

    ➢ Place “Magento Module” folder inside Magento directory.

    ➢ Then do cache management by going through the following path-

    “System -> Cache Management”

    ➢ After clearing cache,Logout and then re-login to Magento. Refund Configuration tab will get visible under System>Odoo Configuration.

    odoo end

    ➢ Place the “Odoo Module” folder inside your Odoo addons.

    ➢ Enable developer mode.

    ➢ Go to Apps>Update Apps List and Proceed with the Installation.


    Default setting

    ➢ At Magento end Go to system > Inventory.

    ➢  Allow the setting to automatically return the credit memo items on stock.

    Refund configuration

    Under system > refund configuration, admin can allow the settings for automatic invoice refund and automatic delivery return in odoo.

    If “Automatic Invoice Refund Odoo” option is set “yes”,  Order at Odoo end will be refunded as soon as Credit Memo is generated at Magento end.

    If “Automatic Delivery Return” option is set “yes”, At the creation of Credit Memo at Magento end, Delivered order at Odoo will get returned and If the delivery order at Odoo is not at done state then Odoo order and delivery will be cancelled.


    Magento end

    creating a credit memo for order refund

    When an order is invoiced at Magento end, user can simply click on “Credit Memo” button in order to generate an order refund.

    notification for successful refund

    When user will be successfull in generating a credit memo, a notification will appear mentioning the order reference which synchronizes at the odoo end too for the credit invoice created.

    Odoo end

    specific order view

    At Odoo end for a particular order, User can view the success messages for invoice refund and delivery return as shown in the image below

    Under sales order of a particular order, refunded option will be seen as marked.

    Accounting list of Customer Payments

    Under accounting list view of customer payments as shown below, reflects the invoice generated with a corresponding credit invoice for the order refund.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at


    Current Product Version - 2.4.0

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 1.9.x.x Odoo 8.x 9.x 10.x

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