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    Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On

    Updated 24 January 2020

    Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On converts your Marketplace store into the native mobile app. The data on the Marketplace store is synchronized with this application and thus customers can easily purchase products on the go and don’t need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smartphones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer, it will benefit the sellers too. Sellers will be able to see their Dashboard, Manage Orders and much more. So what are you waiting for, you must now have a Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On to be a step ahead.

    NOTE: Our Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On is fully compatible with our Multi Vendor Marketplace Module. To use this Mobile App, you must have installed our Multi Vendor Marketplace Module.

    Features Of Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On

    • Seller list.
    • Seller Collection.
    • Seller Profile.
    • Seller Dashboard.
    • Seller Order History.
    • The user can review seller.
    • The seller can chat with the admin.
    • Seller Location is mentioned on the map.
    • Seller details and contact option from the product page.
    • Marketplace Landing Page Where Popular sellers and Description about the marketplace is mentioned.
    • Open code and extremely customizable
    • Fully Native Android and iOS
    • Unlimited Push Notifications
    • Real Time Synchronization
    • Multi Payment Gateways supported
    • Multiple Shipping Support
    • Multilingual Support
    • Interactive Theme
    • Enhanced Layered Navigation
    • Offline Mode
    • Finger Print Login
    • Related Products
    • Next/Previous Product View On Product Page
    • Voice product Search
    • Mobile & Tablet support
    • Easy Checkout Proces
    • All types Product Supported
    • Multi Currency Support
    • Product Sharing over Social Media
    • Social Login (*)
    • Mobile Login (*)
    • One Time Password (*)
    • Order Tracking by Notification (*)The features with Asterix mark (*) are the paid features.

    Admin End

    After the successful installation of server side code on your Magento server.First, you need to flush the existing Magento cache.
    This can be done by going to System->Cache Management.admin endOn this Screen, first, click on “Select All” option provided on the left hand corner of the screen.
    Then click the “Flush Magento Cache” button.
    And After this, from the Actions, choos the “Refresh” option and click the “Submit” Button.

    You will see an additional tab with the name of  “Mobikul” appearing on your Magento admin panel.
    magento admin panel
    If you just hover over this tab you will find a list of options, namely:

    1. Add /Manage Banner Images
    2. Add/ Manage Notifications
    3. Featured Categories
    4. Add /Manage Category’s Banner n Images
    5. Mobikul Configuration.

    Mobikul Configuration

    This is the part that helps in connecting your mobile application to your server.
    This part itself contains four blocks, namely:

    • Mobikul Api Configuration
    • Push Notification Parameters
    • Basic Configuration
    • Search Setting 

    Mobikul Api Configuration:

    Searching for an experienced
    Magento Company ?
    Find out More

    This part is exactly responsible for making the connection with your Magento server.
    You should never change the values for any field under this block.

    Push Notification Parameters:

    This part is responsible for delivering the push notification to the users of your application.
    mobikul config

    FCM API key is the server key you receive when you create an account on firebase console. A slight change in the value of this field can stop the working of push notification on your application.

    Well, although you can change the topic whenever you want to from your admin panel, it is not advised to do so after the publication of the application on play store.
    Further, whenever you change this value you should let your developer know on an immediate basis.

    Basic Configuration:

    This is the setting which you can change in order to manage the content on the home page of your application.

    mobikul configuration

    It has three options:

    • Enable random featured product in home page?
      Set this option to yes if you want to have some random products under “Featured Products” on the homepage of your mobile application.
    • If you set this option to “No”, then only the products that have the “Is featured for Mobikul” set to yes will be visible in this category.
    • Allowed CMS Pages
      From this menu, you can control the CMS Pages that you wish to include into your mobile application.NOTE:  We support only HTML tags under this option. If you need to include any other CSS script, then you need to inform us.
    • Enable Mobile Login
      This feature allows you to enable the users to log in to their accounts using their mobile numbers.

    Search Setting:

    search settings

    Note- To know more about Admin end Configuration of the Mobikul app, refer here, Mobikul Application Magento Admin Panel.

    Front View

    At front page, you have a beautiful look of the mobile app. At the top of the page, you can view the categories of the product. After that, you can see the sliders of the store. You can see featured product carousel, new product carousel, and the hot deals.

    front viewhome page
    Left Navigation Drawer

    Under the left navigation drawer, you can see the categories view, marketplace link, store and the CMS pages.

    category pagesearch option
    Category View

    Under the left navigation drawer, the customer can see all the categories and subcategories of the store. After clicking on the category, the customer will go directly to the category page. Where the customer can see the category banner and the products of the category.

    category viewcategory page
    Searched Terms

    Searched terms are the most searches on the store. The customer can see the search terms under the left navigation drawer.

    search terms
    Advanced Search

    The customer can find the advance search link in the left drawer. The customer can find the right product with the help of advance search. Customers can search the via attributes like price range, size, color etc.

    advanceadvane search
    Product Page

    Product image, title, description, additional information, price, add to cart button and buy now button will appear on the product page.

    product pagereview

    product viewproduct view

    My Bag

    The customer can add the product to their cart. At My Bag page, the customer will find the product added to the cart. The customer can also update the quantity of the product from my bag page.

    my bagbag
    Wishlist and Share Product

    At the product page, the customer will find the wishlist icon and share icon. The customer can share the link of the product to many places like email, Bluetooth.

    shareshare product
    Easy Checkout Process

    After clicking on buy now button, the customer can see the checkout page. Where the customer can continue their shopping, update shopping cart, and can apply discount code. The customer will find a button “Process To Checkout”. After clicking on it, proceed with the checkout process.

    check outshipping method

    checkout processcheckout process

    checkout processcheckout process

    Customer Dashboard

    Here you can see your addresses, recent orders, profile image and the recent reviews for the products. The customer can change the profile and banner image.

    customer dashboardadd new address
    Address Book

    You can add additional addresses as per your requirement.

    my dashboardshipping address
    My Orders

    This section consists of all the orders that the customer has ordered. You can check the details of each order by clicking on the view icon. At the end of order details, you can see an Order Again button which can be used to reorder your product. The customer can order the same product from my order page.

    my ordersmy orders

    my orders

    My Review

    Customers can find their product reviews here that you have submitted for the products.

    my dashboarddmy review
    Account Information

    Customers can edit their account information here and can change the First name, Last name, E-mail address and password in this section as shown below.

    account informationaccount information

    In this section, customers can see their downloadable products that can be downloaded by clicking the download button present on the product. If any expired product tries to download, then it will give an error “The link has expired.”

    my downloadablemy downloadably


    This section shows information about the sellers & their products that have been added to the Marketplace. Here a customer can check the seller collection, add any of the seller’s products to his wish list or add them to cart for purchasing. By clicking on the View all sellers you will be able to see a list of all available sellers in the marketplace. You can search the sellers by shop name as well. To know more about a seller you can check their profile page by clicking their store name.

    marketplace marketplace marketplace marketplace marketplace marketplace

    After clicking on the shop name you will be able to see the Profile Page, Policies(Shipping & Return.), Ratings and the Feedback for the Shop name.

    Profile Page

    Customers can check the seller profile page from here & see the recently added or can click the view all option for checking all the products of the seller.

    storerecently added products

    profile pageprofile page


    You can check the different policies like the shipping and return policy of the seller in this section.


    Here customers can give ratings to the seller store that will be displayed on the seller profile page.

    ratingreviewswrite your review


    Here sellers can see the feedback that has been written by customers for his shop.

    recent feedbacks
    Contact Seller

    The customer can contact the seller by filling some details. The seller will receive an email after submitting the form.

    contact sellercontact seller
    Map Address

    The customer can see the address of the seller in the app through the Google app. The customer can view the large map for locating the seller.

    map addressgps

    Seller Dashboard

    This section displays the seller dashboard which provides quick insights on seller’s Analytic’s, inventory, latest orders & reviews on the go. Sales Analytics provide vital information to the sellers like -today’s income, weekly income, monthly income, total payout, remaining amount & total profit. Sellers will be able to check their latest orders and generate invoices, send emails to customers and cancel the orders from their dashboard.

    Check Analytics

    This page gives a brief overview of seller’s sales analytics like – Today’s Income, Weekly Income, Monthly Income, total payout & remaining amount. Sellers can see a graph that describes the sales.

    seller dashboardseller dashboard
    Seller Order

    The seller can easily check and manage their orders on the go by using this mobile application, as this will give an area in the seller panel to view and manage their orders in a very efficient way. This section has the list of all the orders that have been placed by the different customers. The seller can view any order and can see different information related to the order like Buyer information, Shipping address, Shipping information, Billing address, Payment method, Item ordered with details about the Price, Status, admin Commission and Vendor total. Sellers can generate the invoice for their orders, cancel the orders and send the email notification to the customers.

    The seller will be able to see and manage their latest orders from here by generating the invoice, sending the email notification to the customer. Sellers can filter their orders according to the order id, date and the status of the order. The seller can also send an email to customer for the order.

    seller orderfilter

    order detailsorder details

    Ask Question To Admin

    Here you can ask the question to the admin. If you have any query or doubt you can ask by typing in your name, email address, subject and the query and then click Submit. After submit, the customer will get a popup “Query Submitted”.

    queryask to admin

    That’s all for the Mobikul Mobile App Marketplace Add-On. Still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 1.6.x.x,1.7.x.x,1.8.x.x,1.9.x.x

    Blog Version - Magento 1.6.x.x,1.7.x.x,1.8.x.x,1.9.x.x
    • Version Magento 1.6.x.x,1.7.x.x,1.8.x.x,1.9.x.x
    • Version Android API Level 16+ & iOS Version 6+
    • Version Android API Level 16+ & iOS Version 6+
    . . .

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