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    Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway

    Updated 27 March 2024

    Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway allows customers to make payment through the citrus payment gateway. Using this payment method customers can make payment through their citrus account, credit card, debit card, and net banking, etc. In this payment method, an admin has the option to transfer the payment right away to the seller or hold the payment and release it after few days.

    This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first Webkul Marketplace Module.

    Note:- Once a customer continues the order after selecting citrus payment gateway the order is placed and sellers receives the notification for the same. 

    Features of Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway

    • Customers have multiple options to make payment with Citrus Payment Gateway.
    • Splits payment between admin and sellers.
    • Payment is directly transferred to seller’s bank account.
    • Easy to make refunds.
    • Admin can select the payment options from their citrus account.
    • Admin has the option to hold the payment of sellers.
    • Admin has the option to release payment.
    • Admin can make the refund for the orders made from citrus payment.
    • Allow the sellers to add Citrus payment for their products.

    Installation of Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway

    Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway module installation is super easy, you need to move app folder into Magento root directory that’s it as per the screenshot.1-2

    After moving the folder flush the cache from Magento admin panel- under System > Cache Management2

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    Configuration of Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway

    After the installation of the module, admin can navigate to System->Cofiguration-> Sales. From here admin can select payment methods and configure the Marketplace citrus payment method.3

    Enabled: Select yes to enable the module and no to disable.

    Title:  Enter the title of the payment method, this title will be visible to the customers at the time of checkout.

    Secret Key of Merchant account: Enter the secret key of the citrus merchant account.

    Access Key of Merchant account: Enter the access key of the citrus merchant account.

    Vanity Url of Merchant account: This URL can be found in the citrus merchant account of the admin.

    Environment: Select environment as production to make the payment gateway live and ‘Sandbox’ to test the payment gateway.

    Send Customer Name to Gateway: Select yes if you want to send the customer’s name to the gateway. Else, customers will need to enter their name at the payment gateway page.

    Send Customer Email to Gateway: Select yes if you want to send the customer’s email to the gateway. Else, customers will need to enter their email at the payment gateway page.

    When to allow refund: If after release is selected then admin needs to release the seller’s amount for each order manually. If before release is selected then the admin needs to enter “time limit of refund” in days and after that time limit seller amount is released automatically. Also, after the time limit refund cannot be processed for the customer.

    Minimum Order Total: Enter the minimum order amount which can be paid with the use of citrus payment gateway.

    Maximum Order Total: Enter the maximum order amount which can be paid with the use of citrus payment gateway.

    Payment from Applicable Countries: Select the countries from which payment is applicable and if the payment is made from other than the selected countries then the transaction will not get processed.

    New Order Status: Select the order status after the payment is made.

    For the vanity URL, Merchant access key and API/secret key the admin needs to register a merchant account on Citrus. Admin can visit the following link to signup as a Merchant Here admin can enter email, mobile number, and password to register the account.Citrus-Pay-sign-up

    After signup, admin can see the keys at the right side of the account. From here admin can copy the keys to their module.MOB-quickDetails

    Seller end of Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway

    After configuration of the module, sellers can see the citrus payment manager menu in their account section. Sellers can click on it and enter the citrus pay details. Here, sellers need to enter their account name, address, mobile number, bank account number, and IFSC code.Magento-Commerce

    Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway for Customers

    Now a customer can add the product to the cart and process checkout. At the time of checkout, the customer will receive the option to select citrus payment method like this.Checkout

    After selecting the payment gateway a customer can place the order. Now the customer will be redirected to the Citrus Payment Gateway to make payment. Here customers can make the payment with various methods like debit card, credit cards, net banking, etc. These payment methods are allowed by admin from their citrus merchant account.Citrus-Checkout

    Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway for Admin

    If in citrus payment configuration “When to allow refund” is set as “after release” then the admin need to release the seller’s payment manually. For this admin needs to navigate to Marketplace Management-> Seller Management and click on Order or the specific seller.Manage-Sellers-Magento-Admin

    Now admin can see the orders for which payment is not yet released. From here admin can release the payment for a particular order or select multiple orders and select “pay” action to pay for the orders.Manage-Sellers-Order-Magento-Admin

    Admin can also make the refund for any order online. For this, navigate to Sales-> invoices and view the order for which you need to make the refund. Now from the order page click on Credit Memo.Invoices-Sales-Magento-Admin

    From the credit memo page admin can adjust the refund amount and click on ‘refund’ option to make the online refund.Credit-Memos-Sales-Magento-Admin

    Admin can also check their transaction from the citrus account. Admin can go to this link to check test transactions  After logging in admin needs to select the ‘Transaction Operations’ to check the transaction.Transactions
    – In Citrus Payment Gateway the Seller amount can only be transferred through NEFT.
    That’s all for the Magento Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway module still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 1.4.x.x 1.5.x.x 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

    . . .

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