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Magento CSV Import

Updated 4 February 2012

Magento CSV Import


Magento CSV Import : Magento CSV import is THE best method for mass product upload in magento e-commerce . Every attribute and custom option can be added via Magento CSV (comma separated value ) import method . All the product attribute and property can be easily imported throught CSV Import/export method . Here are some points which are very important regarding magento import export .


How to import Product Image through CSV : This is really a basic issue with beginners . magento product image import is so easy . just follow the simple steps

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1 – upload all images in media/Import  , lets say if you have three size of images 200*200,400*400,600*600 then make a folder like this

  • media/import/200
  • media/import/400
  • media/import/600

make sure you are adding images in csv in this format  /400/Titanium_ring_en_4cb8a2a8e9dd1.png . also make sure your image folder is writable

CSV Import SKU error :  If you are getting this issue then it means your csv format is not in UTF-8 mode . This is the main reason genrally this error comes when you are preparing CSV in microsoft office . I would suggest to use open office and manage your csv in UTF-8 mode .

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