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    Magento Chat System

    Updated 22 June 2022

    Magento Chat System is a very useful module with the help of which customer can chat with the concerned person and clear their doubts regarding the products. The customer initiates the chat with the support agent assigned by the admin regarding their query. The customer can also provide feedback to the concerned support agent and also download the PDF of their conversation.

    Magento 2 Chat system  is also available for Magento 2 store.


    • The customer can chat with the concerned person and clear their doubts regarding the products.
    • Admin can assign support agents for the chat with customers.
    • Everything is based on Ajax and Socket implemented.
    • The customer can provide rating and post comment for the support agent.
    • The customer can download the PDF of their conversation.
    • If the support agent doesn’t work properly, the customer can report to the admin as well.
    • The customer can end the chat after satisfaction.
    • Each agent will have their own login id with which they can log in and they can start the conversation with the customer.
    • User/Agent can set their status as online, offline, and busy.
    • User/Agent can send attachments(CSV, PDF, PNG) while doing a chat.
    • The admin can create unlimited Agents from the admin panel.
    • The admin does not assign any customer to the agents. This chat is based on real-time sharing. Suppose there are 6 customers and 3 agents, then the system will automatically assign 2 – 2 customers to each agent.


    Step 1:
    Installation of Magento Chat System module is very simple. You just need to move app and js folder into Magento root. Please follow the screenshots for the same.

    Step 2:
    After moving both the folder flush the cache from Magento admin module. Under System > Cache management.

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    Step 3

    #please make sure Node is already installed on your server

    Run the following commands from the root directory of your Magento to install on your server.

    npm install
    npm install

    Admin Management

    After the successful installation of Magento Chat System module, admin can find a new menu named as “Chat” and “Chat System”. Refer to the screenshot for the same.

    Show Chat History

    Under this field, admin can see the list of chat history.

    After clicking on any chat history row, admin can see the chat history of that particular customer.

    How to create Agent

    For creating an agent, you have to create the role first in which chat menu have access. Navigate to System > Permission > Roles. Enter role name, current admin password.

    After that go to the Role Resources and check only “Chat” and save it.

    To create agent, you have to navigate System > Permission > Users.

    By clicking on “Add New User” below, a form will appear.

    User Role– Using this field admin can assign the role to the user.

    After creating an agent, the agent can log in.

    Review and Comments

    Admin can see the list of agent’s review and comments under Chat System > Review and Comments.

    Agent Details

    The admin can find the list of the agents under Chat System > Agent Details. From here admin can also edit the agent details.

    By clicking on any agent, admin can able to edit the agent’s account information and user role as well. Refer to the screenshot.


    To do the Chat System configuration please Log In to the admin panel. And navigate to System->Configuration->Webkul->Chat System. Here, the admin has to enter –

    • Host Name – Enter the hostname of your eCommerce website.
    • Port Number – Enter the available port number for the chat system
    • Start Server – Click this button after saving all the changes.
    • Admin Name for Emails – Enter the name of admin that will be used within the emails.
    • Text at Loading Page – Set the text which is displayed on the loading page of the chat window.

    Magento Chat System Webkul

    The agent can see the list of all assigned customer. The agent can make a reply to the assigned customers and has an option to add along attachments(png, CSV, pdf) as well.

    Magento Chat System

    The agents can also easily set their status as – Online, Busy(a red busy marker icon is visible at the customer end: you can still send and receive messages), and Offline(ends the chat) as per need as shown below in the snapshot.

    Magento Chat System Agent Status Change

    If the busy status is selected then the red colored busy icon is shown in the chat window at the website frontend. You can receive and send messages even in the busy status mode.

    Magento Chat System Agent Status Change

    Workflow At Front End

    At the front end, you must have to log in to initiate the chat. If you don’t have an account then create an account first by simply clicking on “Create Account” tab.

    With the name and email address, a customer can create an account. The customer can receive the password by email.

    After successful login, the customer can chat with an assigned support agent.

    Magento Chat System

    Under the settings button, there are 3 options –
    Magento Chat System

    Download Conversation– Using Download Conversation, the customer can download the chat conversation with date in pdf.

    Report To Manager– The customer can report to the manager regarding support agent. At this time admin will get an email.

    End Chat– Using End Chat, after satisfaction the customer can end the chat with the agent.

    The customers will also be able to change their chat status to – Online, Busy(shows a red icon: receive and send messages even in the busy status mode), and Offline(ends the chat) as required.
    Magento Chat System

    If the busy status is selected then the red colored busy icon is shown in the chat window at the website frontend. You can receive and send messages even in the busy status mode.

    Magento Chat System

    The customer can also rate to the agent and appreciate them according to their performance. By clicking on agent image, the customer will be able to appreciate the agent.

    When the customer clicks on “Wanna Appreciate?” button, the customer can give a rating and post a comment to the agent.

    The customer can see the rating of the agent by clicking profile picture of the agent.

    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - 1.1.2

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

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