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    Magento 2- Send transactional email programmatically in your custom module

    Here we learn how to send transactional email programmatically in your Magento 2 custom module.

    1# First we create a field in configuration from where we can select which email template will use.

    You can create configuration field according to your section and group in app/code/NameSpace/ModuleName/etc/adminhtml/system.xml file as follow

    2# Now create a email template configuration file at app/code/NameSpace/ModuleName/etc location file name should be email_templates.xml

    3# Now create email template file at app/code/NameSpace/ModuleName/view/adminhtml/email as name which you given in email_template.xml file . Here we will use  “your_email_template.html” name for email template

    4# Now template is ready and we will do code for send mail.
    Write send mail code on action from where you want to send this mail.

    5# Helper file where we define our custom send mail function

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Manncorp Accounts
    Line 113 of the Email class you have ->setFrom($senderInfo)
    But you defined $senderInfo as an Array:
    /* Sender Detail */
    $senderInfo = [
    ‘name’ => ‘Sender Name’,
    ’email’ => ‘’,

    Shouldn’t that be ->sentFrom($senderInfo[’email’],$senderInfo[‘name’]) ?

    If that’s not necessary, why not do the same thing here at line 114:
    instead of ->addTo($receiverInfo[’email’],$receiverInfo[‘name’]) ?

  • Idham Choudry
    Do i have to configure the header and footer again or its automatically generated when i call {{template config_path=”design/email/header_template”}} ?
  • Gurpreet Dhanju
    $this->temp_id = $this->getTemplateId(self::XML_PATH_EMAIL_ORDER_APPROVED);

    What is this self::XML_PATH_EMAIL_ORDER_APPROVED in above line. It is never defined?

    • Abhishek Singh
      There was error. Now code is updated. you can check it. XML_PATH_EMAIL_ORDER_APPROVED replace by XML_PATH_EMAIL_TEMPLATE_FIELD
  • chetan141tiwari
    After this line
    $transport = $this->_transportBuilder->getTransport();

    it shows internal server error

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