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Laravel Marketplace Product Quote System:

Updated 9 August 2021

Laravel Marketplace Product Quote System module allows the customer to send a quotation to the sellers. Under this module, a seller can see the customer’s quotation and approve or disapprove it.
The quote feature can be enabled while creating the products, then the product is available for the quote process. The message feature is also available in this module.

Note – This is an add-on of the marketplace, so you need to install Laravel Marketplace Module first for using this add-on.

All Features:-

  • The admin and Seller can enable the quote system for their products.
  • The customer can enter custom prices for quoted products.
  • Customers can order the seller’s products in bulk.
  • The admin and seller can set quotes according to the global configuration.
  • The customer, Admin, and Seller all can view the quoted products.
  • Sellers can view the bulk orders, price, and status of a particular quoted product.
  • Buyers can communicate with sellers about their queries.
  • The admin can also change the status of the customer quote.
  • The admin can also add the quote system to their products.

How to install the module?

Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” folder into project root directory.

laravel marketplace product quote

Go to config/app.php file and add following line under ‘providers’.


Go to composer.json file and add following line under ‘psr-4’.

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"Webkul\MarketplaceQuotes\": "packages/Webkul/MarketplaceQuotes"

Run these commands below to complete the setup

composer dump-autoload
php artisan route:cache
php artisan route:cache
php artisan migrate
php artisan vendor:publish

-> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

Module Configuration:

After the successfully installation of the module the admin can enable and disable the quote feature for every product while creating product and can also set the minimum quote quantity for that product as shown below:-


Enable quote: The admin can set yes or no to enable and disable the quote functionality.

Minimum quote quantity:- The admin can set a minimum quantity of products that customer can quote and need to purchase the minimum set of items. They can increase the quantity as per their requirement.

Front End:

After enabling the quote status for a particular product, customers can give their quote on the product page to discuss with the seller and admin.


Customer can click on the “quote the product”, and upon clicking there will be a pop up message. Customer can put the number of the quantity, quoted price and description for the same. Image is shown below:


After clicking the request button, a pop up message will come up as shown below:-


The customer can also the request quote in their dashboard as shown below:-


Under the My quote, the customer has the option to edit or delete the products. By clicking the pencil button, the customer can edit or modify the quote and also share the message to the seller.

There is also delete option for the customer and customer can delete the quote from the dashboard as shown below:-


Seller Dashboard:-

Similarly, like admin, the seller can also enable and disable the quote for each product. While creating the products, the seller can set the minimum quote quantity for each product as shown below:-


The seller can see the quotes in their dashboard under the marketplace section as shown below:-


The seller has the option to edit or delete the quote sent by the customer. On the edit option, the seller has option to negotiate with the customer as shown below:-


The seller can put their quote and respond back to the customer with the description of the message. Also, they have the option to accept the order and update the status from processing to complete.

On acceptance of the quote by the seller, add to cart will be activated in the front-end side and product can be added to the cart as shown below:-


The seller can negotiate with the budget and a detailed message will be shown as “quote conversation” as shown below:-


Admin Management:-

To see the quotes the admin need to navigate to Marketplace>>Quote Management.

Here all the quotes are visible to the admin requested by the admin as shown in the image below:-


Here the admin can see all the details of the quote like order id, seller name, product name, customer name, product quantity, price requested, Description, Status.

The admin can even delete the quote and by clicking on the dustbin icon and thereafter admin can also edit the things by clicking on the pencil icon as shown below in the image:


The complete quote conversation can be watched on the “Quote conversation”

That’s all about the Laravel Marketplace Product Quote System.

If you have any issue please feel free to add a ticket then let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - v 1.2.0

Supported Framework Version - v 1.2.0

Blog Version - v 1.2.0
  • Version v 1.3.1
  • Version v 1.2.0
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