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Laravel eCommerce Recurring Payments & Subscription

Updated 2 May 2022

Laravel eCommerce Recurring Payments & Subscriptions module helps the admin to manage their Websites. It helps to manage subscription & recurring payments for the products.
Also, the admin has the facility to manage and view the subscribed products from the back-end. Moreover, they can manage the type of the products from the back-end
Although, it is quite beneficial for customer’s end as they don’t need to log in again & again for recurring products. They can’t only select the recurring products but also can make a subscription to them.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –


Features List for Laravel eCommerce Recurring Payments & Subscription

  • Admin can enable/disable the Recurring Payment.
  • An administrator can manage PayPal Recurring payments.
  • Moreover, the admin can view/unsubscribe customer subscriptions.
  • The customers can view/unsubscribe to their subscriptions.
  • It supports online recurring payments with PayPal.
  • This module supports online Stripe recurring payments.
  • The admin sets the subscription amount & subscription initial fee product-wise.
  • The admin can manage the duration type.
  • The customer can cancel the subscription

Installation of Laravel eCommerce Recurring payment & Subscription:-

After purchasing the module, the customer will get the zip folder to use the extension.

Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” folders into the project root directory.


Goto config/app.php file and add following line under ‘providers’


Go to composer.json file and add following line under ‘psr-4’

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"Webkul\\RecurringSubscription\\": "packages/Webkul/RecurringSubscription/src"

Goto app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.php file and add following line under ‘$except’ variables

$except = [

For Ipn Goto Stripe Dashboard add the api webhook


select invoice.payment_succeeded

For Ipn Goto Paypal Ipn add the api webhook


Run these commands below to complete the setup

composer dump-autoload
php artisan optimize
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed --class=Webkul\\RecurringSubscription\\Database\\Seeders\\DatabaseSeeder

For a window users, please find the below commands and run it:-

php artisan db:seed --class="Webkul\RecurringSubscription\Database\Seeders\DatabaseSeeder"
php artisan vendor:publish  press 0

now execute the project on your specified domain.

Configuration & Front-end:-

Once the installation is done, the admin can use the module to make changes. The admin can enable or disable the module along with the email notification tab as shown below:-

Afterwards, the Admin can select the product type as “Subscription” as shown below:

Also, the admin has the option to active/deactivate the subscription package and add plan option as shown below:-

Front-end view:

once the back-end setup is done, it can be visible in the front end part. The Logged in customer can go to the detailed product page and select the date. The customer can also increase the quantity of the subscribed products and write the review for the same. The review can be verified by the admin and then it will be publish.
The process is shown below:-

The logged-in customer can put the start date and click on the subscribed button. It will be added to the cart button as shown below:

The customer can proceed with the checkout button and can fill the address and other information as shown below:-

There will be 2 payment methods which are PayPal recurring method and the stripe recurring method.Eventually, customer can choose any one of them as shown below:

Eventually, Payment can be paid through the recurring way as shown below:

After purchasing the subscribed item, the admin can see the list of the subscribed products. Although, the admin has the option to view and unsubscribed as shown below:

In the meantime, the Admin can view the subscription item by clicking on tab as shown:

Also,the Admin can unsubscribe the products as shown below in the image:-

On the recurring tab, there is a duration type option which described the different types of subscription as shown below:

That’s all for Laravel eCommerce Recurring Payments & Subscription.

If you still, have any issue also feel free to add a ticket and also let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - v 1.3.1

Supported Framework Version - v 1.3.1

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