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    Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application

    Updated 9 March 2023

    Laravel eCommerce PWA:-Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application uses web compatibilities and provides an application experience to the user.  By using this extension you can do the thing like work in low internet connection, load on the home screen, Social Sharing of Product, etc.

    The Progressive Web Application is lightning fast compared to the website. Due to the faster performance as a result user engagement increases on the website.


      • Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application module is supported by Bagisto version v1.2.0

    What Is Need for Progressive Web Application

    Nowadays, most people use mobile apps to visit the website. By using PWA, you can generate more traffic on the website.

    With the help of an amazing user experience, you will improve your website conversion rate likewise AliExpress, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

    Start your headless eCommerce
    Find out More

    Let’s have a look, how Flipkart is using PWA to improve their conversion rate.

    Flipkart Lite:- As we know that Flipkart is the largest eCommerce platform. Firstly they used the only app after that they came up with PWA as Flipkart Lite. With the help of PWA, it converts 70% user to customer.

    FlipKart lite PWA

    Feature of Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application

    • More user-friendly than a web application.
    • Dynamic SEO.
    • Push Notification functionality.
    • Admin can add PWA home page layout.
    • Also, work with low-quality internet
    • Do not need to update Progressive web Application.
    • Admin can set the splash background color of the Progressive Web Application.
    • Admin can enter the application name.
    • Looks and feels like a native application.
    • Increases user engagement in the store.
    • Admin can upload and change the application icon.
    • Admin can set the theme color of the Progressive Web Application.
    • Support multiple currencies.
    • Support social sharing feature of the product.

    Installation of Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application

    You have to run the below commands from the Bagisto root directory to install the PWA module.

    composer require bagisto/pwa:dev-master
    php artisan migrate

    Run these commands below to complete the setup in the bagisto root directory.

    php artisan route:cache
    php artisan vendor:publish
    -> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.
    That's it, now go to https://yourdomain/mobile

    Creating Firebase Credentials for Push Notification

    In order to use Push Notification feature, you need to have Firebase Project Credentials.

    Step 1: Create your account on Firebase

    Go to and Sign In with your Google Account.

    Step 2: Add/Create a Project on Firebase

    Go to and click on Create a Project.


    Step 3: Get Credentials

    • At the right side of Project Overview, you will see a settings icon.
    • Click on the Settings icon and go to Project settings.
    • Under the general tab, scroll down and get these credentials: ( apiKey, authDomain, databaseURL, projectId, storage bucket, messagingSenderId, appId )


    Now go to the Cloud Messaging tab, under Project credentials – get these credentials: (Server key and Legacy server Key ).


    In the Cloud Messaging tab, under web Configuration – get key pair (also called vapid key ).


    Laravel eCommerce PWA Configuration

    Once you successfully execute the command, after that you will see the PWA in the Configure>PWA


    Name:- Admin has to enter the name of the Application, so It will be displayed on the home screen.

    Short Name:- Admin has to enter the short name of the application, so It will be displayed on the splash screen.

    Theme Color:- Set the theme color.

    Background Color:- Set the background color.


    Enable New Products:-  Enable toggle button for new products, so the new products section will be visible on PWA front end.

    Featured Products Enable:- Enable toggle button for featured products, so the featured products section will be visible on PWA front end.

    Enable Slider:- Enable slider so it will be visible on PWA front end.

    Categories Home Page Listing :- Enable toggle button for categories home page listing.

    Redirect user PWA If using mobile device:- Enable toggle button so it will automatically redirect PWA when customers are using website from mobile device.


    Author:- You can mention your company name.

    Meta Title:- Enter the meta title which will appear in the title bar of your browser and search result listing.

    Add Meta Description:- You can enter a brief overview of your store.

    Meta Keywords:- Enter the meta keywords to improve the searchability of your sites.

    PWA-App Icon Config

    App Icon:-

    Upload icon of the application so It will be displayed on the homepage. you can upload in various sizes.


    Push Notification:-  A notification is a message that pops up on the user’s device. For using push notification features, you have to enter the below details.

    • Server API key:- This is generated using the firebase web app and it can be found in cloud messaging under the project setting.
    • Topic:- With help of Topic, you can send one content(push notification) to multiple users.

    After setting all configuration, click on Save

    Push Notification

    Admin can manage push notifications by navigating Progressive Web App>>Push Notification. From here admin can add/remove push notifications. Click on Create Push Notification.


    Title:- Enter title for notification.

    Description:- Enter description for notification.

    Target URL:- Enter the URL on which user will be redirected when they click on the notification.

    Icon:- Upload the push notification message icon.

    Click on Save.


    Click on the bell icon to send the push notification as given above screenshots.

    PWA Layout:-

    You can add home page content for PWA by navigating Progressive Web APP>PWA Layout. 


    Enable Categories for PWA:-

    Go to Catalog>>Category to enable categories for PWA.


    How A Customer Can Install Progressive Web App on Desktop

    Now you can also Install PWA on your desktop like the below screenshot.

    Install PWA in desktop

    Once you click on Install, PWA will be installed on your desktop.

    PWA Install

    When a Push Notification is sent, it can be seen as the screenshot shown below.

    push notification

    How A Customer Can Install Progressive Web App on Mobile

    A customer can open a website in the browser of the mobile device, then click on the menu icon of the browser to add the application on the home screen as shown below.

    PWA Add to homescreen


    You can click on “Add to Home screen” from the bottom popup.

    add to home screen

    Now a pop window will appear to add the progressive web application like this.


    Now the user can view the app icon on the home screen of the mobile like this. A user can click on the application to launch it.

    click to launch on home

    After clicking on the application, the application will launch with the splash screen. PWA will launch as like Laravel native mobile app.

    launch laravel PWA

    After the splash screen, the user can search products or browse categories.

    PWA categories

    That’s all for the Laravel eCommerce Progressive Web Application module, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 0.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.2.0

    Blog Version - 1.2.0
    • Version 1.2.0
    • Version 0.1.6
    . . .

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