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    Blog Version - Bagisto v1.2.o
    • Version v0.1.6
    • Version Bagisto v1.2.o

    Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attribute

    Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attribute extension allows the seller to create their own Attribute and Attribute Family for their products.

    **Note:Laravel eCommerce Marketplace custom Attribute module is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module you must need a Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Module.

    Features of Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attributes

    • The seller can create Attributes.
    • Sellers can also create Attribute Families.
    • Sellers can create attributes using all attribute types.
    • Admin can approve or disapprove Attribute
    • The Admin can also approve or disapprove of the attribute family.
    • Edition of Attributes can be done by the Admin also.
    • Creation of Attributes for the sellers from the Admins end.
    • Admin can also delete the attribute created by the sellers.
    • Custom attributes with swatches such as text, colour, image and dropdown can also be used in layered navigation.

    Installation of the Laravel eCommerce marketplace custom attributes

    Customers will get a zip folder after purchasing the extension and Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” and “storage” folders into the project root directory.

    Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’

    Then goto composer.json file inside the Bagisto root directory and add the following line under ‘psr-4’.

    Next, run these commands below to complete the setup in the Bagisto root directory.

    Once the command has been successfully executed the custom attribute option is visible inside the marketplace.

    Seller Attribute and Attribute Family Creation

    Now Seller is able to create the Attribute and Attribute Family from their dashboard.

    How to create attribute from sellers end?

    The seller can easily create a custom attribute in Bagisto eCommerce store from the seller panel also.
    Sellers just need to click Attributes>>Add Attribute

    After hitting the Add Attribute a new page will open where the sellers have to fill all the fields regarding the attribute.

    All Attribute types can be such as Text, Text area, Boolean, Date, Date and time, Price, Select, and Multi-select.

    • Text:- A single-line text, it can be named, brand, etc.
    • Text Area:- This attribute is used to enter a paragraph.
    • Price:- To provide prices for the products.
    • Boolean:- Display a drop-down list with the options “Yes” and ” No”.
    • Select:- This is used to provide a dropdown list in which only one option can be selected
    • Multiselect:- More than one option can be selected at a time from the drop-down list. Select Attribute Type “Multiselect” then click on “Add Option” and enter the option value.
    • Datetime:- You can select date and time from the popup calendar.
    • Date:- To select a date from the calendar.

    All types of Swatches can also be used by the seller while creating custom attributes like Image swatch, Color swatch, Dropdown swatch, Text swatch.

    Click on the Save attribute to save the attribute and the created attribute will be visible on the Attribute section in the seller’s profile.

    How to create an Attribute family from the Sellers end?

    The seller can also create an Attribute family for their created attributes from the seller’s panel.

    Sellers have to click on Attribute families>>Add Attribute family.

    After hitting the Add Attribute Family a new page will open like shown below:-

    Click on Save Attribute Family that will be visible on the seller’s profile in the Attributes family section.

    Admins Approval for Attributes and Attributes Families

    For the Attributes and Attribute Family created by the sellers, Admin approval is required.

    The seller can use created attribute and attribute family only if those are approved by the Admin.

    If the admin has disapproved the attributes and attributes family then sellers cannot make use of them.

    The same step is followed by the Admin for the Attribute Family also as shown below

    once the Admin has approved or disapproved the Attributes and Attributes Family the status will be visible on the seller’s profile.

    Attribute section

    Attribute Families section

    How to create product using Custom attribute from Seller’s end?

    Once the admin has approved the custom attributes and attributes family, the seller can create a product using these custom attributes.

    On the seller, profile click on Products>>Create>>Create new

    Under the Add Product page all the attributes are visible that are created by the seller as shown below:-

    Then click on create.

    On the Edit Product page, all the variants of the attribute are also visible as shown below:-

    After filling all the fields regarding the product click on Save Product button and the product has been created successfully using the custom attributes from the seller’s end.

    This is all about Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Custom Attributes for any issue raise a ticket on

    Current Product Version - 1.2.0

    Supported Framework Version - Bagisto v1.2.o

    . . .

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