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    Laravel eCommerce Delivery Time Slot.

    With the help of the extension, Laravel eCommerce Delivery Delivery Time Slot, the customers can choose their preferred date as well as time for the product delivery.

    This extension also allows the admin to create multiple slots for each day of the week. For each slot, the admin can set the maximum orders quota better time management.

    Complete Features List.

    • The admin can select the available days for the delivery
    • Mention how many days to display to the customer
    • Set minimum order time required for order processing
    • Display error when no delivery slot is available
    • The admin can create and edit multiple slots for each day of the week

    How to Install the module?

    Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” folder into the project root directory.
    Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’.

    Goto composer.json file and add following line under ‘psr-4’.

    Run these commands below to complete the setup

    Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

    That’s it, now just execute the project on your specified domain.

    Admin Configuration

    To add the default delivery time slots, the admin will navigate to Delivery time Slot that is visible in the side bar menu as shown in the image below:-

    To configure the module the admin needs to navigate to the Configure>>Delivery Time Slot where under the Delivery Time Setting section the admin can configure the module as shown in the image below:-

    Enable:- The admin can enable or disable the module.

    Allowed Days – Admin can select the default allowed days for the delivery time slots, which will appear on the checkout page.

    Display Total Days – Enter the total number of days to display at the checkout time. Admin can set the default number of days to display on the checkout page.

    Error message If The Time Slot Is Not Available – Enter the message that will be visible if there is no time slot available.

    Now the admin need yo navigate to the Delivery time Slot that is available in the sidebar menu as shown below:-

    Default Delivery Time Slots

    In the Minimum Required Time in Order Process, the admin can also set the minimum required time in order processing

    The admin can also see the default delivery time slots in this page, to add the new slot the admin just need to click on the add time slot button as shown below:-

    Delivery Time Slots

    Here the admin will be able to check all the delivery slots that have been created as shown below:-

    Delivery Orders

    Under this the admin can find all the orders that have made by the customers as shown below:-

    By clicking on the Order ID the admin can see the details for the order as shown below:-

    How does the Laravel Marketplace Delivery Time Slot Will work?

    On the front end, the buyer will add his products to the cart and at the time of checkout, the customer will also be able to see the available delivery days and time slots available as shown below:-

    The time slots that are not available will be also marked as red as shown in the image.

    **Note: The time slots will be unavailable in two conditions –

    1. Orders are full (i.e, if the quota set for each of the slots gets full).
    2. Today’s time slot is less than the current time, then that time slot will be unavailable(if the order process is set to “Zero” both by the admin ).

     The customer will be able to see the selected delivery time for the products as shown below:-

    The customer will be able to see the delivery details under each orders shown below.

    That’s all for Laravel eCommerce Delivery Time Slot, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket.

    Also, let us know your views to make the module Laravel Marketplace Delivery Time Slot better

    Supported Framework Version - Bagisto 1.1.1

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