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Guide for Laravel (bagisto) Purchase Order Management

Updated 11 October 2022

Purchase Order Management is an activity for sourcing goods & services from various suppliers. With the help of this module, you can perform purchase management functions within your store.

Add various suppliers to a product, create purchase orders, and manage quotations and incoming shipments.

Purchase order management allows suppliers to create purchase orders, request quotations, manage incoming shipments, and update incoming product information easily.

The product automatically creates a purchase order when it goes out of stock.

Complete Feature List

  • The default prefix for the purchase order number.
  • Send quotation and purchase order emails to the suppliers.
  • Add any comments to purchase orders, and incoming shipments, and notify the suppliers.
  • Admin can easily create additional attributes for the purchase order products.
  • Add suppliers to a product by specifying – cost price, quantity, and priority.
  • Manage incoming shipments and products from the suppliers.
  • Update information about the partial shipments.
  • Quotation notes can allow the admin to share bits of information with the supplier about the quote.
  • A draft purchase order will be made for the supplier who offers the best price.
  • The admin can create a new purchase order for any supplier.
  • Admin can set the procurement method – auto or manual.
  • It supports multiple language translations.
  • Automatically Quotation is created when the product goes out of stock.
  • Automatically Quotation created in case of threshold in advanced inventory.
  • Generate Request For Quotation for every Purchase Order.
  • You can check the status of your incoming products/Shipment.
  • Easily Merge Two or more Purchase Orders.

Installation of Purchase Order Management

Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge the “packages” folder into the project root

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Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’


Go to composer.json file and add the following line under psr-4

  * Goto composer.json file and add following line under psr-4
  "Webkul\\PurchaseOrder\\": "packages/Webkul/PurchaseOrder/src"

Run the below-mentioned commands from the root directory in the terminal:

  composer dump-autoload
  php artisan optimize
  php artisan migrate
  php artisan vendor:publish --force

  -> Press PurchaseOrderServiceProvider to publish all assets and configurations.
Add the following line to the crontab for automatic purchase order creation if product is out of stock.
php /project_root_folder_path/artisan PurchaseOrder:create:quotation

That’s it, now just execute the project on your specified domain.

Admin Configuration

After successfully installing the module, the admin can go to Bagisto store>>Configure>>Purchase Order.


Setting – The admin can enable or disable the allow purchase order package.

General Settings

In the General setting for the purchase order, we have two options

  • General Option
  • Email Option

In the general configuration, the store admin has to do the below configuration.

Procurement method: Admin can set the procurement method as per their need– Auto or Manual.

Default Prefix: Set the default prefix for the purchase order number.

Default Padding: Padding refers to the spacing required for the quotation.


The admin also needs to fill in all the details for the purchase order configuration as shown above.

In Email Option

  • Quotation Template: Admin sends a quotation email template to the suppliers.
  • Purchase Order Template: The store Admin sends the suppliers a Purchase Order Template email.
  • Cancel Order Template: Admin sends the suppliers a Purchase Order Template email template.

Note: Email should be correct and clearly filled for receiving the emails and notifications.

Buy products with the required quantity

In Purchase Order Management customers can buy a product from the shop with the required quantity when the shop product’s quantity is in Stock.


When the admin product goes out of stock from the shop the admin can create a purchase order by setting the procurement method by auto or manually.


Manage Suppliers

The admin manages the suppliers who supply products or services to the store within the manage suppliers section as mentioned below


In the manage suppliers section, the shop admin can add, delete, and update suppliers.


For the automatic procurement method, we can manage the suppliers in the products themselves by editing the product profile we can see add suppliers as mentioned above.

Manage Attributes

Under the manage attribute section, our store admin manages the attributes for the supplier’s products that can be used in the catalog.


Admin Create additional attributes for the purchase order products.

Manage Quotations for the Purchase Order Management

When products go out of stock, the admin manages and prepares the quotation from the Purchase order section.

first, prepare the quotation for the required supplier’s products as mentioned below.


After creating a new purchase order, add Selected Products for the Quotation as mentioned below.

Prepare quotation from purchase order after that send email to supplier and verify the details for the quotation.

Add selected product to quotation


Now check the quotation and confirm it, once the quotation is confirmed it’s the supplier’s duty to prepare and update the admin about the product supply.


After the product is successfully assigned for the quotation, the admin can see the Quotation Order, supplier information, and additional attribute in the purchase order section as shown above once the quotation is verified the admin will confirm the quotation.

Incoming Shipments

Under incoming shipment, the admin manages and schedules the shipment and delivery as well as checks the stock details and Updates information about the partial shipments.


Once the shipment is successfully made then move to incoming products, where the admin verifies the products and their details and sends an email to the required suppliers.

Once the incoming products are verified the admin can manage the stock as per his/her need.

Purchase Order Management

However, The store admin can add or delete the attribute for the particular supplier’s products.


So, it’s all about the User Guide for the Purchase Management Module for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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Current Product Version - V1.4.3

Supported Framework Version - V1.4.3

Blog Version - V1.4.3
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