Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace

Joomla Multi Vendor Marketplace: This imposing extension enables the user to convert Virtuemart store into Multi-seller Marketplace with the concept of Multi-seller single store front. It is the multifunctional shopping cart solution for building Virtuemart web content incorporating multiple independent seller with a separate profile. It facilitates the process of adding sellers and keep track of their sales. Sellers can have their own profile and collection page with a variety of products. Admin can easily set individual commission and global commission for all the sellers. In a matter of a few easy steps, the user will be able to create a sophisticated, full-fledged online marketplace where all sellers can manage their sales through one common web interface.


  • The seller can add, edit and delete product in Virtuemart store.
  • Seller can edit, delete or change the image of the product.
  • Separate seller profile for each individual seller.
  • Seller can add banner, shop logo, custom HTML text.
  • Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.
  • Different seller commission for individual seller.
  • Admin can assign its product to various seller.
  • Joomla user Account can be converted into seller account through backend.
  • If Seller is deleted then it’s product is automatically disabled or deleted.
  • If Seller is disabled then it’s Products is automatically disabled.
  • Registration and login of seller through facebook account.
  • Multilingual product saved through seller’s front end.
  • Grid/List view of the seller through Marketplace Seller View module.
  • Listing of products according to their category through View Collection module.
  • Approval mail facility when seller adds any product (depends on marketplace configuration setting).
  • Optional Tax and Commission fields on add product page at frontend.
  • Seller can view the commission details on frontend Dashboard.
  • Admin can set the maximum image size to upload for a product.
  • The Seller Grid View shows all the sellers at frontend in Gridview with their name as profile name.
  • The Marketplace Seller View module have the option to show sellers in both grid/list view.
  • Seller can enable or disable their products via frontend.

Features of 4.0

  • Option of managing the status of orders from seller end via frontend.
  • Introduction of advanced seller profile view which includes geographical location of seller, seller’s favourite products, improved contact and seller follow option.
  • Facilitated with multi stage registration process and web cam facility to upload profile and product image during runtime.
  • View of static sales and revenue details of day, week and month along with donut chart view according to selected currency of seller.
  • Includes a support system which directly links the admin to webkul ticket system for further assistant.
  • Furnished with info tab providing user guide manual to admin.
  • Option of Lazy load deferring the loading of products until they become visible in the user’s viewport.
  • Google Recaptcha on add product and seller registration page protecting site from spam and abuse.

Latest Features 5.0

Seller end
  • Mobile responsive.
  • The add-on is now compatible and well integrated with the function of “catalogue view” of Virtuemart. Therefore the “buy now” button will not be displayed if catalogue mode is enabled at Virtuemart end.
  • A field with the concept of “suggested category” is provided in “Add product” tab. This field allows the seller to recommend categories to admin.
  • A separate tab is provided where the list of “favourite products” are displayed with the number of counts per product.
  • An advanced seller’s dashboard is available to view the sales analytics of orders based on the world map, pie chart and area chart by year.
  • The dashboard also displays the number of total orders, customers and amount of sales.
  • In “order history” tab functionality of sorting of orders on basis of order status is available.
  • A customised layout is being designed for edit order option.
  • The catalogue of sellers registered in the site gets displayed in list view for a mobile device.
  • In “my payment” tab, the feature of filtering the transactions of the seller on basis of date is available.
Admin end
  • A separate tab is provided to view the listed Joomla users. The listed users can be converted into sellers excluding the super user.
  • Mail templating functionality is available to communicate with the individual seller.
  • Filtering of orders based on selected sellers is possible at the backend.
  • Advanced filtering option of products on basis of sellers and categories is available.
  • A separate layout is provided to edit and manage the information of the individual seller.
  • Option to update multiple seller commission is obtained. An improved sorting of sellers based on the type commission is provided.
  • An advanced sorting of products based on categories, sellers and status of the display is available.
  • The functionality of cloning of admin’s product is obtained to assign a single product to multiple sellers.
  • A separate tab is available to view and manage the list of suggested categories from seller end.
  • Admin has been provided with the option to approve or disapprove the suggested categories.

Marketplace Supports For Joomla

Virtuemart Multi Vendor Marketplace is working on the Joomla version as below :

Joomla 3.x

Marketplace Setup Contains


Though this Component is really very easy to use, there are a few things which user need to take care off. When you install Marketplace extension,there are seven modules which automatically get installed with it namely:

  • Marketplace menus
  • Marketplace seller views
  • Marketplace shop
  • Marketplace collection
  • Marketplace profile
  • Marketplace seller banner
  • Marketplace category

To define these modules we have developed four custom positions apart from default Joomla positions for our Marketplace components listed below. This positions can be used to set any other Joomla extensions.

  • wk_marketplace-top
  • wk_marketplace-left
  • wk_marketplace-bottom
  • wk_marketplace-right

Joomla MultiVendor Marketplace Configuration

For a better understanding of configuration process of the module on Virtuemart, follow the instructions as shown below in the snapshots.

Upload and Install the Marketplace Component

Step 1: Go to the Extension manager and browse the marketplace extension zip file first. Now upload it and install:-

Step 2: Once the marketplace gets installed on your system, you will see the following page:-

Configuration of the Marketplace Plugin

Step 1:After installing the Marketplace extension, first of all you need to configure the Marketplace plugin as shown in the snapshot given below. For this, visit to the plugin manager under the Extension menu and then click on ‘Marketplace for Virtuemart’ Plugin. You will get a new page opened.


Step 2:Seller name will be shown above the ‘Add to cart’ class.

product page

Note*** This above plugin configuration is displayed for the users who are using third party templates. As per default Virtuemart template the default class will be pre-defined. The third party template users need to define their to class to avoid conflicts.

Back-end Configuration of the Marketplace Component

    To view the marketplace tab, go to Components scroll down click on “Marketplace for Virtuemart”. For better understanding please view the snapshot below.


    Here, Dashboard is offering a transparency and control over the tab associated with data in Joomla site. It will help the user to recognise instantly the tabs integrated with multiple data. For better understanding please view below the snapshot.


    Go to “Option” button for configuration of Multivendor Marketplace. Please view the snapshots and fill the details accordingly.
      • Set the colour of background and texts which will be applicable for all Marketplace pages.
      • Set globally the commissions of sellers on basis of percentage or fixed amount.
      • Enter maximum amount of per transaction at seller end.
      • Click “yes” to allow facebook login.
      • Enter the App Id and Secret Key of Facebook. To generate App Id and Secret Key please click the link provided
      • Click “yes” enable the functionality of Google Captcha on the site.
      • Enter the size of product’s image in bytes.
      • Select the product action for deleted sellers.
      • Set “yes” to allow automatic creation of sellers and their respective products.
      • Set “yes” to enable price discounts and tax fields at seller end.
      • Enter the number of products to be loaded on every scroll for “Lazy load” field.



  • Go to “Seller” tab to view the details of the sellers in admin’s marketplace.
  • Admin has the option to activate and deactivate seller according to the configuration done during installation the of the marketplace.
  • The functionality of email template is available.

Atfer set the “Configuration” click on save button and then next one is “Terms and Conditions”


    View of Email template.

email template

In “Users” tab, admin can view list of all Joomla users. The fuctionality to assign users as a seller is available excluding the super user.


    Click on “Commission” to view the commission details of the individual seller. Commission selection is either done in percentage or fixed amount.

backened commission

    View of edit form of commission of seller.

backened commission

In “Orders” tab, admin can view the list of all orders generated. The sorting of orders based on seller is provided.


Go to “Seller Products” tab to view the details of various seller’s product list. Functionality of sorting of products based on categories and seller is provided.


Admin can view his products in the “Admin Products” tab. Admin has the option to assign his product to any seller by clicking on “Product Assigned to Seller”. For better understanding please view the snapshots.

admin product

View of “How to assign a product to seller”.

  • Option of cloning is available to assign single product to multiple seller.
  • Functionality of move assign the individual product to a single seller.


Go to “Review” tab to view the details of reviews. To showcase the review admin need to approve the status of selected reviews he wants to display at the marketplace frontend. To reject a review click on “Status Reject” for ignorance.

backened review

In “Suggested Category” tab, the listed of categories recommended by sellers will be displayed.

suggested category

Marketplace Component Front-end View

  • Go to “My Profile” to edit and fill the details. Here seller can fill his personal details which include personal portfolio and geographical location.Geographical location gives the latitude and longitudinal information. The location is set via Google map.


  • In “Theme” tab seller set a cover image and background color of “Seller Profile page” for making a beaut preview.
  • Seller has the option to set the country.


    For better promotion of shop and seller, we have given the options of various social media connects which will help the seller to advertise himself.


    Set here the description of the shop.


    By default seller is provided with the option of “Paypal” and “Standard Method” of payment for transaction. So here seller can set his preferred method of transaction. It will be the mode of payment via which admin will transfer the seller amount to the individual seller.


  • Go to “Add Product” and edit the product information given below which includes the product name, category, stock of product, weight, SKU and Terms and Conditions.
  • The functionality of suggested category is available via which seller can recommend any desired category.

Add Products jpg

Click to enter the name and description of suggested category.


Click here to set description of the product.


Set the price for an individual product which includes base price, discount price, and price tax. Sales price will automatically update once discount and tax are set by the seller.


In the “Favourite” tab, seller can view the products which are listed as a favourite. The number of likes on individual products is also displayed.


In “Review” tab, seller view all the reviews of customers.


    The view of “Dashboard” which offers transparency and control over the data associated with Seller’s account. View of seller’s Dashboard dislpays the income details, total number of orders and customer, latest 5 orders and sales analytics chart.


    In “Order History” list seller can view the detailed history of order. Click on edit option to view the order and change the status of order.


    In “Seller list” view all seller information of marketplace is viewed. Seller can view the details of other sellers which includes name and seller information.


  • In “My Payment” tab, seller can view all the payments details from admin end which shows the mode of payment, amount, payment date, and transaction history.
  • The sorting of transaction details on basis of date is available.


    “My Profile Preview” showcase overall profile view of seller which consists of star ratings and feedback of seller, geographical location of seller, concept of favourite products, seller description and social profile. This profile is viewed by buyers as seller’s public profile at store.


    For better support of Seller from Admin end, we have provided a help desk to Seller to communicate with admin for any further query which is “Ask To Admin”


That’s all for the Joomla Virtuemart Multi Vendor marketplace! If you still have any issue, feel free to add a ticket; and let us know your views to make the extension even better

Current Product Version - 5.1

Supported Framework Version - Joomla 3.x

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