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    Introduction to Magento2 Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

    Introduction to Magento2 Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

    What is MSIMagento2 Multi Source Inventory (MSI) is newly introduced in Magento 2.3 version(upcoming release) which is used to manage inventory by source (location).

    Till now, Magento manages a single inventory system and due to this it’s really hard to manage multi-channel inventories from a single website, but using MSI extension, inventory will be managed by each channel. Also in dropship extension really hard to manage inventory for each warehouse but using MSI we can manage inventory for each warehouse.

    You can get the Magento 2.3 Multi Source Inventory (MSI) version from

    How to use Multi Source Inventory (MSI) in magento2 – For managing inventory in Magento 2.3 we will need to follow given below steps-

    1. Manage Sources – If we are selling products from multi-location like Florida US, California US etc then we will need to create sources for each inventory location.
    2. Manage Stocks – Here we will need to create stock for each channel (Magento Websites, if there are multi websites configure in your Magento) so that we can assign sources(from where we are selling our products) for each channel.
    3. Manage Catalog Product Inventory – When adding or editing a product we will need to assign sources to that product and for the source will need to add product available quantity for that source.
    4. Order Management – When an order is placed for a product than using the source selection algorithm, ordered qty is reserved for available source inventory after shipment with available source ordered qty is deducted from that source.

    How to programmatically create source and assign to stock in magento2 –


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  • Ajith
    does MSI module has Branch concepts..?
    • gunjita joshi
      Hello Ajith,

      Did you mean ‘branch’ as ‘warehouse’? In Magento 2.3, the admin can manage multiple sources of product and handle stock for every warehouse.

      For a detailed discussion, please create a ticket or send an email.


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