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    Installation — Akeneo V 4.x PIM

    The purpose of this blog to help you to the installation of Akeneo version 4 in a descriptive way.

    There is two way to install the Akeneo

    1. Install Akeneo PIM for development with Docker
    2. Install Akeneo PIM manually

    I will describe here Install Akeneo PIM manually

    Before going to start first you need to check the system requirements Read Blog

    If your system requirement fulfilled, so let’s start with the Installing Akeneo PIM Community Edition (CE)

    Step 1: You need to run the following command to install the Akeneo.

    you can change the document root directory /srv/pim according to your preference.

    or download an archive containing Akeneo PIM and its PHP dependencies:

    Step 2: Initializing Akeneo

    You will need to change the .env file to configure the access to your MySQL and ElasticSearch server.

    Step3: Launching the PIM in (pro / dev or test mode)

    $ NO_DOCKER=true make

    Also Read:

    How to apply a minor / more recent patch Akeneo

    How Setup the job queue daemon

    . . .


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