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    Inspecting developer tools in iPad Device

    Sometimes, we need to inspect the console or element section for a web page in iPad, but in iPad, it is not possible to do this as in browser at your desktop/system. So, we can do it by configuring some settings in the Desktop system. I have tried it with the iOS system and iOS iPad(in Safari browser). So, to inspect the developer tool section, follow the below steps:

    1. Connect your iPad(iOS) device with the MacOs system by using a USB data cable.

    2. Then, open the Safari browser in both devices.

    3. Go to the menu section and check the Develop menu is available or not.
    If not then continue with step 4 otherwise skip step 5 and step 6.

    4. Then click on Safari menu, a submenu will be displayed, then click on Preferences submenu. A popup window will be open(as in the following screenshot).

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    5. Then select the Advanced tab and checked the checkbox (which has the text “Show Develop in menu bar”) as shown in the following screenshot.

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    6. Then select the Develop menu and go to the iPad submenu, another submenu option will be displayed (these are the list of webpages which are opened in your iPad device in safari browser).

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    7. Now, you can interact with the opened web page and can see the developer tool section for that web page in the iOS system(as in the following screenshot).


    Thanks 🙂

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  • Dan

    “ 1. Connect your iPad(iOS) device with the iOS system by using a USB data cable.”

    … should read …

    “ 1. Connect your iPad(iOS) device with the MacOS system by using a USB data cable.

    • khushboo sahu (Moderator)
      Thanks for correcting the statement 🙂
  • Shadab
    But i have not mac, i want to inpect element on ipad 7th generation without any other monitor(mac os).
    • khushboo sahu (Moderator)
      Hi Shadab, there are many solutions are available on the internet, you can try that.
  • Aws Training in OMR
    Great blog!!! This information is very useful for all. Thanks for sharing with us…
    • khushboo sahu (Moderator)
      Thanks 🙂
  • jothiaaron
    Thus the concept of the Inspecting developer tools in iPad Device contents are easy to understand. It’s really good. Thanks for sharing the useful information.
    • khushboo sahu (Moderator)
      Thanks 🙂
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