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India’s Top Open Source Tech Stack Projects

Updated 21 April 2023

India has a growing ecosystem of open source tech stack projects that have been developed and built by Indian developers. India has been contributing to the global open source community. It worked with several interesting tech stack projects.

These projects are developed by Indian businesses, communities, and people. That aims to address various challenges and needs in different domains

What is an Open Source Tech Stack?

An open source tech stack is also known as an open source technology stack. It refers to a collection of open source technologies. They use together to build software applications or solutions.

A programming language stack is part of an open source technology stack.

 They also use frameworks, libraries, tools, and other software components. It can use, modified, and distributed under open source licenses.

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Open source technologies developed by a team of developers. They contribute their expertise and knowledge to create software.

The open source system promotes transparency, group effort, and innovation. It allows developers to freely access, modified, and share software code. That can lead to faster development cycles and cost savings.

There are some Indian Open Source projects in different domains

E-Commerce: Bagisto

Bagisto is an open source e-commerce platform built in India. Bagisto is written in PHP and based on the Laravel PHP framework. It is one of the most used PHP frameworks for developing online applications. It allows developers to create fully functional online stores. 


Bagisto used to be scalable and could handle large online stores. It uses to access a high volume of products and orders. It also supports global and local businesses. This makes it suitable for businesses that operate in many countries and areas.


ERPNext is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is an open source tech stack project built in India. It builds on the Frappe framework, which is an open source web framework also develop in India.


ERPNext provides a wide range of business functions, including:

  • Finance and Accounting, 
  • Sales and CRM, 
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management, 
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management, 
  • Construction and Production Planning, 
  • Project management, and Human Resources Management

ERPNext includes features for document management, time tracking, and others. It helps make informed decisions by providing a centralized platform. This can manage in different aspects of their operations.

Helpdesk: UVdesk

UVdesk is a multichannel help desk system where merchants and business owners can connect their online e-commerce store and marketplace account with UVdesk. Its modular approach allows third-party vendors to create apps for the help desk app marketplace. 


UVdesk is an open source help desk and customer support system. That provides a platform for managing customer queries and tickets. This can use for multiple channels like email, social media, and chat.

It uses to manage tickets, as a knowledge base, and to provide modified options. UVdesk is an open source help desk software built in India. It is a ticketing system that allows businesses to manage client queries through the Internet.

CRM: Krayin

Krayin is an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software built in India. It is an open source tech stack web based application. The helps manage customer interactions and sales. It uses marketing activities in an organized and efficient manner.

Krayin builds on PHP, a popular programming language. That follows the best coding practices and standards. It builds using the Laravel PHP framework.


Krayin offers a range of features for sales, and marketing including

  • Contact Management, 
  • Lead Management, 
  • Sales Pipeline Tracking, 
  • Email Integration, 
  • Campaign Management, 

Krayin is software that helps businesses manage their client links. It uses to measure sales activities and the success of marketing efforts.

Live Chat: Chatwoot

Chatwoot is an open source tech stack live chat software built in India. It is a web based application that allows businesses to engage with their website visitors. It uses to engage with customers in real-time through live chat comments.


Chatwoot offers a range of features for live chat interactions. It includes real-time messaging, chat routing, visitor tracking, and notices.

Chatwoot can also integrate with popular messaging platforms and more. It provides an interface for managing live chat comments and offers modified options.

Hotel Software: Qlo

Qlo is an open source hotel management software and booking software built in India. It offers features for managing hotel reservations and bookings, like:

  • Room management
  • Price management
  • Vacancy calendar
  • booking
  • Track guest management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Reporting and Exit, and many more.

Qlo is a free hotel software, that provides a booking engine, which can integrate into hotel websites. This allows guests to book rooms online from the hotel’s website.

Qlo builds on PHP, using the Laravel PHP framework. It is known for its simplicity in developing web applications. It designs to be scalable and can handle a large volume of room reservations and bookings.

API Development Ecosystem: Hoppscotch

Hoppscotch is an open source API development ecosystem build in India. It is a set of tools and utilities for the development, testing, and documentation of APIs.

Hoppscotch provides developers with a workflow for designing and testing API. Making it easier to build robust and reliable API-based applications.


It offers a range of features for API development. Including an API request builder, and API statement generation. It also helps in API testing and debugging, collection management, code generation, and more.

e-book Management Application: Calibre

Calibre is an open source tech stack e-book management application. That uses for organizing, converting, and managing e-books in various formats. It is a cross-platform application that can be run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


It has many tools for handling e-books easily and effectively.

Calibre offers a wide range of features for e-book management, including:

  • e-book library management
  • e-book format conversion
  • e-book editing
  • e-book syncing with e-book readers
  • e-book metadata editing
  • e-book cover art management
  • e-book format modifier, and more. 

It provides a rich set of tools that make it easy for users to manage their e-books. And customize their reading experience and organize their e-book collection.

Calibre is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is an open source license, which means that users can freely use and distribute the software.


These open source projects from India prove the country’s growing technical expertise. Now the innovation starts in the Indian developer community. And they contribute to the global open source community. India provides free and accessible solutions for various domains.

So, that was much about the Top 5 Open Source Indian Projects of 2023. For any queries or doubts, you can also reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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