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    Hyvä  Themes – The optimized theme for Magento 2

    Updated 17 July 2023


    Magento 2 is very much popular in the e-commerce sector because it offers overall control of the store to owners.

    However, every store owner expected that their store theme view should be superfast, optimized, and SEO friendly.

    But unfortunately, the Magento 2 default theme lack this expectation of the store owners. Hence to fulfill the expectation of the store owners Hyvä’s theme came into the picture.

    Hyvä Themes are build from scratch using a completely blank theme. All layout.xml, phtml files and all the JavaScripts were removed.

    The purpose of this theme is to eliminate all the third-party libraries were using by Magento 2 like Knockout, Require, jQuery, and unwanted js libraries and LESS stylesheet files which cause a problem of render-blocking for optimization.

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    Hyvä Themes were build by using ViewModels, Tailwind CSS, and AlpineJs V2.

    Hence using Inline tailwind CSS and inline Alpinejs will avoid the problem of render-blocking which ultimately help to get a good score in PageSpeed Insights because we were going to write the Alpinejs in the phtml file itself and add tailwind CSS on the element as an inline CSS.

    Also, see Hyva Theme Extensions, which are out-of-the-box compatible with Hyvä themes.

    Core principles of the Hyvä  Theme
    • To reduce complexity
    • To improve performance
    •To improve the developer experience
    •To improve development velocity
    • To reduce the dependencies
    • To reduce the learning curve
    Here is the demo site for the Hyvä Themes.


    Hyvä  theme is the future of Magento 2 storefront theme with having only two dependencies Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS which help to make the store super fast, better optimized, good user experience while shopping, a good Google score,

    Next Blog:- Installation of Hyvä Themes in Magento 2.4.x

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