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How to Start an Online Food Marketplace with Odoo?

Updated 3 October 2023

Who doesn’t know how powerful e-commerce can be? It’s on the upswing. And if we are talking about the online food marketplace, following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, online food ordering has become the new standard.

What is an Online Food Marketplace?


When it comes to pursuing an online food business, the first question that comes to mind is: what is an online food business and how do you get started?

An online food marketplace is like a  hub of restaurants that are operated using an online website. Customers can place the order by selecting their favorite restaurant and getting their food delivered at home on time.

Sellers accept the customer’s order and get their food delivered on time so that they can enjoy their eateries delivered through their delivery partners.

Why Choose an Online Food Marketplace?

According to the research, The number of online food shoppers is expected to grow by 1.58 billion by 2024.

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This shows how far the online food marketplace is growing rapidly. It is the right time to dig into e-commerce with an idea to take your physical restaurant into the online food marketplace.

People find it convenient to order food through an online marketplace in this hectic era where no one has time to wait for takeaways. It saves time and also has diverse food options. So, the customer can choose their cuisine, their restaurant, and their food easily.

One of the biggest advantages of running an online food marketplace is that it allows you to expand your customer base and can easily acquire them.

Customers can make an intelligent choice in an online food marketplace before choosing a restaurant by looking at information such as restaurant ratings, customer reviews, prices, menu items, and more. However, getting all the information about the restaurant is difficult when we are searching for a restaurant physically.

Benefits of online food marketplace

  1. It is very convenient to order food online.
  2. It also provides diverse food options to the customers
  3. Customers can pay an order amount through payment gateways on online food marketplace.
  4. Online food Marketplace provides complete information about the restaurant like price, customer ratings etc.
  5. Online food ordering in time saving in nature.

How to Start an online Food Marketplace in Odoo?


To start an online food marketplace, it is necessary to search the eCommerce platform first according to the requirements.

Odoo is a complete business management suite as you can manage each and every part of your business in Odoo. It also helps you to transform your single e-commerce website into a working e-commerce marketplace.

Owning a Marketplace is a fantastic business concept since it allows you to provide a wide range of products to your clients. The Odoo provides you with various solutions to set up a complete online food marketplace.

Requirements to Run an Online Food Delivery Business


Odoo Apps That Helps You To Set Up An Online Food Marketplace

Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace

Why do you need it?

It provides the platform to set up an online food website. You can also manage your online food marketplace with this module proficiently.


  • Admin can also sell his own products in the store.
  • Complete control over the seller and product activity.
  • Allow only selected sellers and products to be displayed on the marketplace.
  • Add terms and conditions on the seller registration form.
  • Set manual or auto approval of sellers request.
  • Also provides for manual or auto approval of seller products.

Odoo Marketplace Hyperlocal System

Why do you need it?

It helps you to locate the local sellers on your food marketplace. It attracts customers to your website because Customers can buy from local sellers which saves shipping costs and time.


  • Allows you to set up hyperlocal services on your Odoo marketplace.
  • It also helps the customers to buy the products from the nearest seller.
  • Makes delivery fast and less costly.
  • The module also shows the nearest products and sellers based on the customer’s location.
  • The customers can check the availability of any products in the desired location.
  • They can place the order and get the order delivered.

Odoo Marketplace Membership

Why do you need it?

To enroll restaurants with extra benefits. The type of membership will determine the number of food products the seller is allowed to create and publish on the Marketplace Website.


  • Offers a subscription-based seller membership structure for your Odoo.
  • If the sellers want to create products they need to buy marketplace seller membership.
  • The membership type determines the number of products a seller can create in Odoo.
  • Earn revenue with the seller subscription-based model.
  • The module offers you control of the number of products from each seller.
  • Moreover, earn recurring revenue from membership subscriptions.

Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App

why do you need it?

To be within the reach of your customer, it is necessary to have a mobile app. So that, customer can order their food anywhere at anytime.


  • It is a mobile App that brings your Odoo marketplace to the play store.
  • The App is also functional on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Designed as a Native App separately for Android and iOS platform.
  • The mobile App also provides the key features of Odoo Multi-vendor Marketplace module right on the phone screen.
  • The admin can also show seller shop policies i.e. shipping policy, returns policy etc in the seller’s profile in the app.

Odoo Delivery Boy App

Why do you need it?

Allows you to assign orders to the delivery boys through Odoo. For the fastest food delivery and you can also track and monitor the delivery status using the app.


  • It is designed with the react-Native framework for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The app also allows tracking and monitoring of delivery services of your business.
  • The app is designed to bridge the interaction gap between Odoo admin and delivery boys.
  • The admin can also assign picking to any delivery boy.
  • The delivery can either accept or reject them through the App. The admin can check the same in the Odoo backend.
  • The admin can reassign a rejected delivery to another delivery boy.
  • The status of the assigned delivery can also be checked in the Odoo.

Odoo Marketplace Cash On Delivery (COD)

Why do you need it?

About 20% of people around the world still pay with cash for their orders. So, COD should be also there as one of the payment methods.


  • Provide Cash On Delivery (COD) to customers on Odoo Marketplace.
  • Also make it easier for sellers to acquire new customers with Odoo COD.
  • Quickly set up the Payment option with single-step integration.
  • Configure how to give COD options to customers.

Odoo Marketplace Mangopay Connect

Why do you need it?

To add the payment gateway to your online food marketplace. Most of the users can make payments online or by using cards


  • Mangopay Payment Method added to your site.
  • Transactions can be done only in allowed currencies.
  • Payment will be done through Mangopay hosted checkout form.
  • Buyer redirected to another site for payment.
  • At the time of checkout, payment will split between the seller(s) and admin.

How Webkul can help you to Set an Online Food Marketplace?

Webkul helps companies with their industry-leading commerce, ERP, and CRM solutions. In the last 13 years, Webkul served 80,000+ clients worldwide to handle complex operations and to grow their businesses.

To set up an online food marketplace Webkul helps you by providing various solutions to manage a complete online food marketplace. Webkul also offers customization to fulfill client requirements. Our support team will always be there to help and suggest you a better solution related to your queries.

Webkul has a few clients for whom we set up an online food marketplace. Some of them are mentioned below.

Shechef – They mainly offer homemade food to their customers. The website is established by Martha Stewart. She is one of the world’s most important culinary pioneers; Where she began her career selling her own foods and started on the ground floor of her house.

Candy Bar Sydney – The website was established in 2010 and choose their business to specialize in an exciting niche market by creating wedding candy buffets. It gave them a lot of pleasure to work with bridal parties to design sweet and stunning color-themed candy creations. Over time, their candy buffets gained in popularity and they started diversifying, covering birthday parties, christenings, garden teas, and also all sorts of corporate events.

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