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    How to Set Limit of Query Complexity and Depth of GraphQL in Magento 2

    Updated 11 January 2024

    The Framework and GraphQl module di.xml files define several security-related configuration values that you must review to ensure they align with the types of mutations and queries that you run.

    GraphQl module configuration

    The GraphQl/etc/di.xml file contains two arguments that can be overridden to enhance security and prevent performance bottlenecks.

    1. queryDepth – Defines the maximum depth of nodes that the query can return. The default value is 20
    2. queryComplexity – Defines the maximum number of fields, objects, and fragments that a query can contain. The default value is 300

    To set custom values for queryDepth and queryComplexity create the file Module/etc/di.xml and add the below-mentioned code.

    <type name="Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Query\QueryComplexityLimiter">
                <argument name="queryDepth" xsi:type="number">10</argument>
                <argument name="queryComplexity" xsi:type="number">250</argument>

    Now, You just need to clean the cache and execute graphQl query to check the result.

    php bin/magento c:c

    If depth and complexity are higher than the set limit. Then, it will return an error.

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      "errors": [
          "message": "Max query depth should be 10 but got 30.",
          "extensions": {
            "category": "graphql"

    . . .

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