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    How to Mass Upload With Custom Attributes and Options

    Uploading bulk products with custom attributes and options are really easy. First, we need to download the sample CSV file using which we will upload products with custom attributes.

    Custom Attributes –

    Above you can see the Mass Upload page of sellers account. Here you can see a section “CSV Column Name for Custom Attributes“ as shown above image.

    For example – Custom attributes (tier price, manufacturer) on the product page –

    Tier price in CSV file –

    The seller can add only those custom attributes which are enabled by the admin. So sellers need to copy these custom attributes and paste them in different CSV file column as shown below –

    Custom Options- 

    The seller can add the custom options with the product on the product page as shown below – 

    The seller can add custom options of the product in the mass upload CSV file as shown below –

    How to create a zip folder for the images –

    You just need to place all your images in a folder. Now compress the folder containing images, this compressed zip folder is to be uploaded.

    Now you can upload the CSV file and the file and click Upload Profile. After that, you have to select the profile that is created and lastly clicking the Run Profile button.

    When the profile runs successfully, you can see the message.

    The products with the custom attributes will be uploaded as shown below –

    That’s all for the Mass upload of products with custom attributes module still have any issue feel free to add a ticket at

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