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    How to Improve SEO in Odoo

    Updated 12 February 2024

    Moving with the trend is really important when you want to incline the progress graph of your business. When we talk about business trends then taking your business online is significant.

    The businesses which have online presence can reach a large number of audience. However, it is not just about making an online presence but a notable online presence.

    Marketing plays a vital role for your business to get unnoticed. Gone has the time, when door to door marketing was enough to boost the sale. Now, more you are known over the web; more likely your business sale is to boost.

    According to The Edelman Trust Barometer, “65% of consumers trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a business.”  So, do you also want to make your online presence notable. Of Course, it is possible to optimize your website on search engines. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to increase the quality as well as quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users on the search engine. If your website is well optimized and seeks the top positions in Search Engine Result Pages then it automatically builds trust among people. 

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    Some Important SEO Ranking Factors 

    1. Websites should be mobile responsive; mobile devices generated 52.6 percent of global website traffic.
    2. Target the relevant keywords for your webpage; it helps increase relevant and organic search traffic in your webpage/website. Think like a reader to search the relevant keyword; which means go for a keyword you think you would search on the web to know the results.
    3. Create a meta description at around 160 characters; catchy and includes your keyword phrase
    4. Linking your webpage is crucial as a page without any link increases the chances of high bounce rate. Moreover, make sure that external links you are adding in your webpage should open in a new tab.
    5. The URL of your webpage should be easy to understand for humans as well as search engines. Hence, create a URL that includes keywords related to your website.
    6. Above all, the most important factor in creating the right content. It doesn’t matter if you are following all above-mentioned parts but the content on your website is not original. Content is King; so it should be original as well as innovative.

    Are You Managing Your Website in Odoo?

    Odoo has a solution for most of your business problems; so to make an online Odoo offers you a dedicated module to create your own website. Now you must be thinking, “how to improve SEO in Odoo” or “how to optimize your Odoo Website for SEO”. Webkul has a solution for all your problems; so do we have for you to improve SEO in Odoo.

    Improve SEO in Odoo Efficiently

    Odoo Website SEO Suite

    Now, increase visibility and organic traffic on your website to promote the growth of your e-commerce website. Odoo website SEO Suite allows users to set meta-title, meta-description and meta-keywords to the products and categories using attributes. These attributes can be easily created in the Odoo backend.

    Odoo SEO-URL Redirect/Rewrite

     Now make your website shop more SEO Friendly by rewriting your website URLs and make your website pages more searchable. This module also provides a redirect URL feature to your website shop. Redirect feature helps to send an informative message to your customer’s browser which will tell them that the page is moved and it will automatically switch to a new page of your choice.

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