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    How to start an eLearning Mobile App

    Updated 17 December 2021

    In this blog, we will discuss how to start an e-learning mobile app.

    The rapid growth of technology in the education domain has introduced digital learning platforms. M-learning or mobile learning is also growing breakneck in online digital learning.

    M-learning includes devices like tablets, mobile phones, handheld computers, etc. Mobile e-learning is a new way to approach learning content using mobile applications.


    As long as e-learning is getting popular progressively, business owners require better e-learning mobile applications to survive in the cutthroat world of e-learning business. A good mobile application always helps the business merchants to earn more profit.

    Importance of Mobile Apps In E-Learning Business

    In this changing era, students are more fascinated about mobile phones for every purpose including learning as well. However, by using mobile phones students can learn from anywhere at their convenience.

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    Global Reach To The Students

    Mobile application for e-learning is helping businesses by reaching the course learners globally.

    Now it is easy and possible for the students to learn without any global boundaries.

    This approach is increasing the number of learners for the business that leading to more profit for the business also.

    Better Engagement

    These types of mobile applications focus on higher engagement with the students as it offers application access from any place, any time, and any point for the students.


    That enables the students and instructors more engaged with each other to the learning.

    Suited For Online & Offline Learning

    E-learning mobile apps are completely suitable for offline as well as online modes. You must have a mobile e-learning design for your mobile e-learning software that will be more user-friendly even if in offline mode.

    Most of the training platforms are now providing downloadable applications which are used to read the content, watch videos or take quizzes.

    All the data and offline players are synchronized automatically with the Learning Management System. Hence your e-learning mobile application must support both the features of online mode support and offline mode support.


    Less Communication Gap

    The communication gap between the students and the educators is now reducing as the eLearning mobile applications are coming up with the facility of asking questions, or queries with the course instructor.

    The students can access the app at any point in time from any place. They can also ask their queries using live chats, live audio, live videos, even if at the time of the live class.

    Flexible Learning Process

    The mobile applications are making the learning process smooth for the students and the course educators too. The students can join the course from anywhere and learn.

    Similarly, this offers the facility to ask questions from the educators, course-related assessments, and more interactive classes, etc.

    There are no time limits or boundaries for the students. As everyone is using their smartphone for every purpose so the mobile applications are the best way to expand your e-learning business.

    Components Required To Develop The Mobile Learning App

    The minimum requirements to develop any mobile app are the technical components and the team to develop an e-learning mobile app :

    Technical Requirements:

    Mobile SDK – Android and ios.

    Database – MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration.

    Payment Gateways – Braintree, PayPal, E-wallets, Stripes, etc.

    Push Notifications – Twilio,

    Debian – The universal operating system

    SMS, Voice, and phone verification – Nexmo, Twilio

    GWT – Powerful programming

    Cloud Environment – AWS

    Real-time analytics – Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM, BigData

    Datastax – required for data management

    Mandrill – for everything related to the emails

    Streaming Media System – Helix Universal Server, Nimble Streamer, Wowza streaming engine.

    Team Requirements:

    • Project Manager
    • iOS/Android Developers
    • UI/UX Developers
    • Quality Analyst
    • Delivery Manager

    Features To Include In E-Learning Mobile App

    Your eLearning Mobile application must have some essential features that make it more interactive according to the upcoming challenges and technology-based:



    Whenever a new user wants to use the mobile app then the user must have to create an account to use the app or in case the user has already an account then he just needs to log in with the credentials.


    Then the user has to create his profile.

    Streaming of Video Lessons

    Your mobile app has a feature to stream a live video lesson for the eLearning app. Hence, the learners can watch the videos that are streaming related to the course to learn.

    Virtual Classrooms

    Virtual classrooms are one of the best ways to collaborate the educators and students as it is a web conferencing tool with an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and screen sharing capabilities for the educators.

    Virtual classroom

    However, It enables the teachers and tutors to conduct highly interactive online teaching sessions.

    Push Notifications

    The e-learning mobile applications require to push notification availability. This allows sending notifications to the learners regarding new learning videos, upcoming classes, and as well as new study material, etc.

    Training Material Download

    There will be an option to download the course-related training material. The e-learning applications provide the facility to download the lesson so that the students can download a live online class which can be watched later or missed by them.

    Quizzes & Assignments

    The assignments and quizzes option is also important to have in an online e-learning mobile application. It helps the educators to keep track of their performance on daily basis.

    So the teachers can measure the performance by conducting online tests, project assignments, or any other assessments.

    Voice Commands

    Your e-learning app should contain an option to command through voice. The audio command feature simplifies the process, of course, searching in the mobile application.

    However, we can add a feature of voice command through Artificial Intelligence.

    Multiple Language Support


    Furthermore, mobile applications which support multiple languages have more chances to get successful as it allows users all over the world.

    Real-Time Analysis

    The mobile application should also have capable of doing real-time analysis as it makes the app fast and there will be no delay in app response.

    Mobile applications with real-time analysis feature help to measure the application performance and as well as user behavior. However, it evaluates and tracks the progress of the learner, course completion, and score of the assignment, etc.


    Coursera is one of the world’s famed online learning resources that offer more than 1000 courses in various subjects.


    It has collaborated with the world’s best universities like; Standford and Princeton, as well as big businesses such as; IBM, and Google.


    It is one of the rapidly growing learning education start-ups which is focusing on making Byju’s has pretty engaging video lessons on various topics that help the students in adaptive learning.



    Udemy is an e-learning app that covers all the common subjects like; Science, Technology, Banking, cooking, marketing, etc., and As well as offers classes for these subjects.


    It has more than 130,000 video tutorials for 32,000 online courses.

    W3 Schools


    It is very popular in e-learning to learn programming concepts online. It has tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery, etc.


    This app helps students to get a degree for themselves by taking part in lectures, tests, quizzes, and as well as personal schedules provided by the app.

    Coyright@Scholarships corner

    The downside regarding this app is that some courses charge pretty high fees.


    The upGrad is an Indian educational startup that helps students in their professional growth.


    Furthermore, it provides the world-class professionals

    Global e-learning Market Statistics from 2011 to 2027

    Online e-learning mobile applications are growing rapidly since 2011 and the graph is continuously growing for the upcoming years too. According to Maximize Market research, the statistics research graph is as shown below:


    So, that was much about how to start an e-learning mobile app. Moreover, if you have any doubts, drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul Support System.

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