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How to Create Book Store Marketplace using Opencart

Updated 11 January 2024

In the technological era, people are surrounded by mobile, tablets, laptops, and many other electronic gadgets. From online shopping to booking cabs and food orders to the OTT platform. All these facilities come under the internet of things. This also brings a picture of the online book store marketplace.

digital books

Similarly, reading books is also covered by the IoT. People are can download e-book from online bookstores and read them easily at any time anywhere on their devices.

Need of Book Store Marketplace

Digital books open internet access to the reader. One can create a digital library and can access it from anywhere. Online books store can cover all types of users whether students, technological persons, teachers, or many more.

How to Create a Book Store Marketplace using Opencart?

  1. Download and install the Opencart marketplace.
  2. Select the layout of the book store marketplace.
  3. Select the default language of your store.
  4. Set your marketplace configuration settings.

Benefits of Online Book Store Marketplace

Here we can discuss the parameters of an online books store which is a feasible option for reading books.

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Online Book Store via a Mobile Application

Users can install the mobile application of an online book store. There they can download their books easily and read them at any time. This mobile application is also useful in maintaining their library.

Virtual books as Downloadable Products

The e-book present in the online book store is downloadable products. The seller can charge some amount per download of books.

Along with this one can open the demo of the book for customers to read where they can decide whether they want to purchase the e-book or not.

mobile application of book store

New and Used Book Store

Readers can maintain ebooks as per their requirements. They can maintain new books and used books separately. The bookmarks can be added to the page of the book where the user left them.

Users get the notification while the arrival of new books in the marketplace.

Templates and Supportive Themes

One can choose attractive themes for creating the Opencart e-book store. The interactive themes are responsible for the reader’s engagement.

The Opencart has its default theme, Readymade themes and the store owners can get them customized.

theme of opencart

By interactive theme, users can get the portion to filter the books by name, author, language, date of publication genre, and others.

The theme should be compatible with the mobile view. Along with this, it should carry out all the vital processes of e-commerce like from selecting a product to placing an order.

Why OpenCart for Online Book Store?

Opencart is one of the simplest platforms to create an e-store. The parameters that define the open cart as a preferable platform are discussed below.

Simple and Easy to Use

It is very simple and easy to create and update an Opencart online store. One does not need any technical knowledge to create an Opencart online store. Users can do many functionalities and processes on a single domain of Opencart.

Limitless Products or Books Upload

Users can upload any number of books they want for readers. Opencart does not have a constraint for it. Store owners can upload the book’s details, review it, and any other vital information easily.

Easy analysis of store

In the Opencart store owner can know what is the performance of the store. Opencart provides an exclusive set of store analyses and its performance.

The dashboard of the Opencart store gives an analysis of each parameter that defines the health of the store and the store owner can work on it for better performance.

Multilingual and Multicurrency

Opencart supports multiple languages and supports multiple currencies. Store owners can maintain their stores in the language they want. This is also helpful in improving the user’s experience.

multilingual support

Moreover, the global and native currency is also maintained. Store owners can set the currency of the store in which they want the sale cycle to be done.


Opencart has more than 1300 plugins that can improvise the scalability of the bookstore. Store owners can download and install any number of plugins to boost up the online book store


We can conclude that the online book store from Opencart is an effective way to start a book store marketplace. The Book store marketplace is booming nowadays as readers are shifting from physical book reading to digital book reading.

As well as, it is easy for the store owner to get digitalized and reach out to any number of customers globally and run the business at minimum cost and get good revenue.

In conclusion, the book store marketplace is a new trendy way to maintain own library for each age of people and store owners can easily maintain it too by being in touch with the readers.

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