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    How to Create New Properties in Shopware 6?

    In this blog, we will learn how to create a new property in Shopware 6. Shopware is an open-source ecommerce platform based on a modern technology stack that is powered by Symfony and Vue.js.

    Shopware 6 is centred on an API-first approach, so it’s totally easy to think in different sales channels and make e-commerce wherever you want it.

    Also, you can check how you can extend your e-commerce store functionalities and add new features using Shopware extensions.



    Properties are created for different types of products to assign them. However, The properties offer you the possibility to provide filterable information about your products.

    To do this, you can create various properties and then assign them corresponding options, like the property size with the options XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

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    How to Create Properties

    To create new Properties follow the below steps:

    You have to go to the Dashboard>>Catalogues. In the Catalogues, click on the Properties button.


    Afterwards, click on Add button.


    The following fields are required:

    • Name: Enter the name of the properties which you want to create.
    • Description: Enter the description of the properties.
    • Value display type: Select the valid display type from Image, Text, Colour
    • Sorting: Select the sorting option from Numeric, Alphanumeric, Custom
    • Position: You can set the position of the properties by giving a number for the position.
    Property Shopware 6

    Click on the Save button. After clicking on the save button, you will see Property Values.

    Property Values

    Step 5: Click on Add Value button.

    Property Shopware 6
    • Name: Enter the Name of the new value.
    • Position: You can set the position of the new value by giving a number for the position.
    • Colour: Select the colour of the new value.
    • Default Image: Upload the image for the new value.

    Then, click on the Apply button.

    Property Shopware 6

    Need help?

    Moreover, that’s all about how to create a new property in Shopware 6, for any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket.

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    Very helpful and super fast support from Abhishek. Much appreciated for your help. He is very helpful and keen to resolve the issue.
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