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How to Configure Cart Setting in Shopware 6?

Updated 28 November 2022

In this article, we are going to learn how to configure the cart setting in Shopware 6. In this, you will receive an overview of the cart settings.

You can configure some basic functions for the cart or the product detail page. The configuration can customize either globally for all sales channels or for a single sales channel.


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Use Case

E-commerce websites using the shopping cart not only can make the customer’s shopping experience easier but also increase sales. This makes it easy for the buyer, and also helps the seller.

When a shopper can effortlessly pick items to buy, they tend to spend a long time browsing other items.

Cart Settings

You have to go to Settings > Shop > Cart Settings.


Maximum Quantity

The maximum quantity determines how many products can select in the dropdown on the product details page or in the (off-canvas) cart. However, you can also set a different max.

However, the order quantity for an individual product is in the settings of a product.


Delivery Time in Shopping Cart

The option to show delivery time in the cart allows you to display the delivery time defined in the shopping cart.

View the delivery time in the frontend

After activating this option, the customer can see the delivery period for each individual item in the shopping cart.


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