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How to build an Online Service Marketplace Website with Adobe commerce

Updated 24 May 2022

Want to start a successful online service Marketplace website, let’s start with the Marketplace.

What is a marketplace?

The marketplace is a platform where a huge number of buyers and sellers are available. Buyers are here to buy the goods & services and sellers are here to sell the goods & services.

And there is also a money transaction between them, it can be online or offline as per the requirement or availability.

Admin can be a seller but the seller cannot be an admin.

the seller can be a customer but the customer cannot be a seller.

Start your headless eCommerce
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Adobe offers Magento 2, It’s an open-source eCommerce framework that provides the online seller with a flexible shopping cart.

It also gives the option to control the looks and also manages the operations of the online store.

Online Service Marketplace Website

What do you mean by Booking Marketplace?

A service Marketplace is a marketplace where different service providers is available to give different types of services. Not only service provider service seekers/customers are also here for booking or taking services. In service marketplace 24*7 booking facility available.

Reasons to start Service Marketplace.

  • Admin is here to earn comission on each and every booking.
  • Providers are here to provide service and earn money.
  • Seekers are here to get the best quality services at cheaper price.

Different booking and reservations:

  • It can be multiple booking in a one day for example; In a salon barbar is giving haircut service to many in a single day.
  • It can be single booking for multiple days for example; A hotel is providing a room for 24 hours/ a day .
  • Marketplace Booking and Reservation for Magento 2

There is no fixed time to book any service. although anyone can browse the website/ open the application and book the service as per the need.

Services are available to every single individual as there is no restriction for taking services but in some cases, terms and condition matters.`

Online Service

The service provider can add Booking products like Appointments, Events, Rental, hotels, and Restaurant bookings.

The best service marketplace example is Urban Company.

Urban Company was introduced in 2014, Not only in INDIA it also serves in UAE, AUSTRALIA, and SINGAPORE.

This service marketplace gives the next level of satisfaction to the customer.

All the basic services are available in a single marketplace

URBAN COMPANY is the most popular service marketplace in India.


  • Salon for women
  • hair service for women
  • spa for women
  • saloon for men
  • massage for men
  • move in ready-home
  • ac /appliance repair
  • home painting
  • pest control
  • electrician service
  • plumber and carpenters.
Marketplace Website with Adobe

Marketplace Website with Adobe

In URBAN COMPANY all the service providers are professionals and they all are registered with the URBAN COMPANY as a professional.

Essentials of Service Marketplace.

  • In-service marketplace push notification for booking.
  • In-service marketplace 24*7 cancellation policy.
  • Most services are in one place.
  • An in-app chat facility is available.
  • Rate and reviews option for the customer

Already a Magento 2 Store ?

If an admin is already having a store on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform and wants to add more service providers to the existing one.

Then the best option is here Magento 2 Marketplace Advanced Booking System plugin which Converts your existing Magento 2 store into a dynamic site more.


This module is an add-on to Magento 2 Marketplace Module. However, To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.

The Magento 2 Marketplace Advanced Booking System module is compatible with Marketplace version 2.1.7 and greater than.

Basic requirements for online service marketplace.

  • Platform: Platform that gives you base to your online marketplace store (Magento 2 marketplace).
  • Domain: Once you decide the platform then have to select a domain name for your marketplace
  • server: server can be local or as well as cloud based as per the requirement.
  • Internet: You should have a good bandwidth to run fast and smooth marketplace.
  • System: A proper system with good configuration.

Best Booking services to sell online

Hotel Booking:

Not only does a hotel booking become easy with a single click and also compare as different options are available at one place.

moreover services available

Rental Booking:

Booking on a rental basis is the choice of every single individual to understand better let’s take an eg. booking a cab on a rental basis.


Appointment Booking:

Booking appointment online is convenient and the choice of customers nowadays. As it saves time moreover gives preference as per the appointment.

Online Service  but Marketplace Website even

Table Booking:

With a single click customers can easily book a table. No geographical boundaries matter for booking tables.

Online Service

Flight booking:

Online booking flights gives relaxation to the customer as there is no hassle and no middle man.



Thus, that’s all about Magento 2 Online Service Marketplace website. If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket  [email protected].and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System. You may also browse other Magento 2 Marketplace addons and our quality Magento 2 plugins.

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