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    How to Build Your Own Marketplace like Amazon with OpenCart?

    Updated 17 August 2021


    Every business merchant wants an online marketplace like amazon as it is the most popular marketplace these days. 

    Now everyone is looking for the same online marketplace features as Amazon has.

    Now Webkul introduced their marketplace and with similar properties extensions in Opencart. Using these extensions we can now build and customize the marketplace as an amazon clone. 

    OpenCart Marketplace Module will convert your opencart store in to Marketplace just like amazon.

    Opencart Marketplace

    Opencart has its own marketplace Opencart Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module similar to Amazon.

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    Like Amazon We do have a marketplace where multiple sellers can create their own dynamic marketplace and sell the products as a seller.

    The sellers have to register themselves to create a seller profile. After creating the profile, the sellers have full control over their profile, products, and orders.


    There are below major features mentioned which are offered by the Opencart Multi vendor module:

    • Opencart Multi-vendor Marketplace supports the Multi-Lingual feature.
    • PayPal email ID is verified through PayPal API.

    For Store Owner

    • There is a facility for the store owner to manage products, sellers, and commissions.
    • The store owner can set the minimum cart amount for the checkout.
    • The Store Owner can change the order status of each product. The store admin can assign specific product categories to sellers.
    • The Seller profile settings and seller review can also be managed by the store owner.
    • There is a feature of mass payout by using it the store owner can pay to all the sellers at once. 
    • As per the request of the seller, the store admin can add, approve, disapprove, delete, or denied the products.
    • The store admin can see the google analytics for their products and profile.

    For Seller

    • Every Seller has a separate own dedicated profile page which can also be edited by the seller.
    • The store can be customized by the seller as per any theme and the seller can also add banner, shop logo custom HTML text.
    • The seller can also manage the orders from their dashboard.
    • The order status of a product can also be changed by the seller.
    • There is an interactive feedback and review system for the seller.
    • The vendor can add the tax information from the front end.
    • In the seller dashboard panel, the seller can view the listing of incomes along with the seller and admin amount.

    For Customers

    • Products are available with multiple options so that the customers can purchase according to their preferences.
    • Customers can view the expected delivery date of the product on the product page.
    • The customers can also checkout with multiple seller’s products simultaneously.
    • The customers have an option to subscribe to the price alert.
    • The customer can select the priority for the delivery of the order.
    • Priority-based shipping will be optional.

    Now have a look at the similar modules available in opencart which help to make a marketplace like Amazon.

    Amazon like Pre Ordering feature Using Opencart Pre Order Pro 

    This module helps the customers to order the out of stock products. The customers can pre-order the products which are not available due to stock unavailability.


    If you want to order an out-of-stock product using Opencart Pre Order Pro so this add-on is just like Amazon’s Pre-order feature. However, the customer can add only one PreOrder product at a time.

    The module allows you to make full or percentage payments for the pre-order products.


    Today’s Deals Feature like Amazon 

    The very attractive feature in Amazon is the daily deals offered by its marketplace. There is a feature of Today’s Deals available on Amazon. 

    Similarly, in Opencart there is a module that adds the Daily deals feature in your product.

    The buyer can see Top selling deals and recently selling deals block under the Daily Deal tab.

    Let’s have a look on the Amazon page with Today’s Deals as shown below in the screenshot.


    you can easily add the deal feature in your product with the deal quantity, price, date-time using the  Opencart Daily Deals module.


    Daily deals feature time and price alerts in the Opencart Daily Deals module.


    Multiple Wishlist 

    The customers can make a wishlist for their favorite products that are to be purchased.

    That wishlist helps the customers to purchase the desired items according to their choice.

    Customers can add multiple items to that wishlist even they create more than one wishlist for their desired products.

    The major benefit of creating a wishlist is the customer can purchase these items later.
    There is no restriction for purchasing an item.

    All created wishlists are organized in defined sections and customers can easily switch between them.


    Therefore, Opencart also has a module OpenCart Multiple Wishlists which is almost identical to Amazon’s multiple wishlist feature.


    Return Management Using Opencart Product Return RMA Module

    Return Management is crucial for any online marketplace or online marketing website.

    It is very important to have a good return management feature so that customers can trust the services of business and policies.

    Merchants also have to add this feature to avoid loss in the business and to build customer’s trust in their business.


    We have a module Opencart Product Return RMA  to achieve the functionality of return management.

    This module provides ease of order return management for both the store owner as well as the customers.


    Buy Now Button

    In Amazon ‘Buy Now’ button redirects the customer to the checkout page or cart page to purchase a product. This button will visible on the product page on the right side.

    Using the Buy Now button the customer can directly go to the checkout page to purchase the product.


    Opencart also providing the same options to purchase a product by using Opencart Buy Now module. This extension adds a Buy Now button to the product page that look-alike Amazon.

    This makes the purchase process fast and easy for the customers by redirecting them to the checkout page and cart page.


    Product Reviews Using Opencart Ordered Product Review Extension

    In this era of competition, it is very important to compete with other vendors for survival and to attract more customers so that they came back to your store for purchasing other products in the future.

    It is essential to take feedback from customers so that improvements can be made in the marketplace according to the given feedback.

    Opencart has an interactive review system for their product using the Opencart Ordered Product Review module. It is close to the Amazon product review system.


    Checkout Process Like Amazon

    Opencart has a checkout process like Amazon which allows users to checkout in multiple steps.  These checkout steps can be customozed according to the business requirement.


    Opencart checkout process page is very close to Amazon checkout process page as shown in the screenshots.



    Split Cart

    Opencart has a functionality of a split cart like Amazon. Using Opencart Marketplace Split Cart module, customers can add multiple seller’s products to their shopping cart.

    But at a time only a single seller’s checkout will occur.

    Similarly in the Opencart Marketplace Split Cart module, the split cart feature is available.





    Split Order

    Opencart Multi Vendor Split Order module enables the customers to do a checkout with multiple seller’s products.

    After checkout, the order IDs will be different as the order will be divided into different order IDs.


    Split Order helps in better management of the orders for both sellers and the customers.


    Mobile Application

    Amazon provides a mobile application to the customers so that the customers can browse and pay without any restrictions anytime with great portability using mobile phones.

    Likewise, Opencart also has a module Opencart Marketplace Mobile App that provides an ease to their customers to browse the catalog and make purchases via. smartphones or tablets.


    That was a little introduction about a few of our modules that help to build an online Amazon Marketplace with OpenCart.

    We have many more modules that can make your Opencart marketplace a clone with Amazon.

    For any query or suggestion please feel free to add a ticket at

    Please explore our store for more Opencart Extensions.

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