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    How to apply join in collection in UIComponent Grid in magento2


    To create a grid using UI-component in magento 2, please refer following link:

    To apply join in grid collection you need to add following code in your grid collection file, which is defined in :Webkul\Hello\etc\di.xml

    Add Your code in file:

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        protected function _renderFiltersBefore() {
           	$joinTable = $this->getTable('customer_grid_flat');
            $this->getSelect()->join($joinTable.' as customer','main_table.entity_id = customer.entity_id', array('*'));

    Here, $JoinTable: is table with which you want to apply join.
    main_table:  is your grid collection table.
    array(‘*’):  use for accessing all the fields of the table.

    If you want to select specific columns then add those column names in place of ‘*’ under array().

    like: array(‘firstname’=>’firstname’)

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