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    How to Add Product listing in Shopware6?


    In this article, you are going to learn “How to Add Product listing in Shopware6? In this, you will receive an overview of the Product listing.

    Shopware is a fully-featured solution suitable for large enterprises, the large majority of their clients are small businesses which is the audience the solution was originally built for. Still today, 90% of Shopware websites are owned and run by SMEs.

    Shopware is More flexibility, Less complexity, One technology.

    Shopware is now starting to enter new European nations and is making a big impact in the UK. You can check here other Shopware modules –

    In this Article, you will see how to do this!

    What is the use of Product listing?

    Product Listing refers to importing and uploading your products on different marketplaces or on an online store.  Product listing is the product page for each of the items you sell on Shopware. It is made up of the information you enter when you list your product including its title, images, description, and price.

    Product list

    You have to go to the Settings > Shop > Product listing.

    You will find the product list, which offers you three settings for displaying the listing in your storefront. The settings can either be made directly for all sales channels or alternatively for individual sales channels.

    Buy buttons

    Show buy buttons in product listings allow you to display the Buy button for each of your products in the product list. The Buy button display with “Add to cart” for your products. For variant items, “Details” is display instead of “Add to cart”.

    As soon as this option deactivates, the buy button will no longer display. The details button is also no longer display for variant items.

    New marker

    In the field for the option mark products as ‘new’, days, you can specify how many days a product should mark as new if its release date is no more than the specified number of days ago, like – 30.

    Need help?

    I hope you have enjoyed this article. For any query in Shopware, you can send us an email at Please let me know if you want to discuss your Shopware project, you can ping us anytime at our skype:

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