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    How to Add Image Field In Akeneo

    Getting Start with Add Image Field in Akeneo !!

    In Akeneo PIM, If you want to render the custom image field in product edit form, you need to create a new field. We will go through each step needed to achieve this task.

    Supported Extensions: JPG, JPEG,  GIF, PNG

    Step1 : 

    Before rendering the image field you require to create image field module in public/js/product/form directory. after then you must register it in file requireJs.yml which present in your bundle directory Resources/config. 


    Step 2:

    After Creating the js module you must create image field template in public/templates/product directory. After then it is also required to register in Requirejs.yml file


    Step 3:

    Now we need to register both above files in the requirejs configuration file:

    Step 4:

    Now add it to form:

    After creating the js module and image field template now create form extension to add the field. in the directory resources/config/form_extensions

    After adding it to the form extension you must clear the cache using following commands in terminal.

    1. php bin/console c:c –env=prod
    2. rm -rf ./var/cache/** && php bin/console pim:install:asset –env=prod && php bin/console assets:install web –symlink && yarn run webpack

    After the refresh your web browser you will found new image field in product edit form.

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