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    How to Add Dynamic Rows in Magento 2 Configuration.

    In this article, We will learn about How to Add Dynamic Rows in Magento 2 Configuration using the system.xml file. Dynamic rows are very helpful at the time of saving the dynamic values.

    In Magento 2, We can set various UI component fields such as textbox, dropdown, multi-select, and many more.

    1). First, We have to create the module registration file named registration.php in app\code\Webkul\Dynamicrow

    2). Now, We have to Create module.xml file at app\code\Webkul\Dynamicrow\etc

    3). Thereafter, We have to Create system.xml file at app\code\Webkul\Dynamicrow\etc\adminhtml

    4). After that, Create DynamicColumn.php file at app\code\Webkul\Dynamicrow\Block\Adminhtml\Form\Field

    5). Lastly, Create Row.php file at app\code\Webkul\Dynamicrow\Block\Form\Field


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