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How the Headless Application Concept Reduces the Developer’s Effort

Updated 3 January 2022

Headless Application provides more options to the developer with less effort. Before starting the topic let’s know about the Headless application.

What is Headless Application

In a simple way, if we get the data from the server by the API, after that renders the HTML in the browser, this process knows as Headless Application.


If we take the example of the Opencart at the front store for product listing we manipulate the data at the controller/model and render data in twig/tpl file, if we need product listing for app Android/iOS we again need to work on the API part for fetching the data.

If the Headless concept is used to show the product listing at the front store using the API, then the same API we will use during the App development or any JS frame like React js, angular, Vue js, etc.

Further, check out what Webkul can offer for Shopify Headless Development.

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