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How to start Magento 2 Multi Seller Mobile App?

Updated 25 April 2022

Introduction- Magento 2 Multi Seller Mobile App

The Magento 2 Multi Seller Mobile App will help convert your Magento 2 e-commerce website on the marketplace in a native app.

The app makes the store accessible and with the device hardware-based features it will be smart to attract maximum users. Now your complete store is accessible to the customer and seller with a smartphone.

The customer can view and buy the product with an app and the seller can manage the order, products, and the store. The usage of the app will increase the mobility of the store.

Currently, the leaders of Multi-vendor apps are Amazon and Alibaba. Are helping budding retailers to establish their business and customer to buy from a variety of products.

Our Mobikul Mobile Marketplace App is fully compatible with our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module. To use this Mobile App, you must have installed Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento2.

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Importance Of Multi-Seller Mobile App

The mobile apps are now turning the face of e-commerce industry by increasing the assessability of the store. The multi-vendor mobile apps are increasing the spectrum of the e-commerce industry.

Variety of products for the customer- The customer can now shop for a variable range of products. The marketplace gives its customer the benefit of buying the products from the different seller from a single store.

  • Seller store management- Product and Orders- The seller can manage the complete store by managing all the functionalities of a store from the mobile app.

This includes stock management, order management, profile management, etc. This process will attract the vendors/sellers more to showcase their product in the respective marketplace.

  • Upliftment of small-scale vendors- The marketplace provides a platform to small-scale retailers to showcase their product and earn the profit. This saves them from the risk that might occur if they are venturing the market alone.
  • Maximum sales conversation- Due to the availability of the maximum number of products the customer will have a wide range of products to shop from. This will attract maximum customers which generates more sale.

Native Multi-vendor Mobile App

The Mobikul, applications are native in nature to give its user complete advantage of the device based features. They are device specific and provide optimized performance and immense reliability.

The user can access it via an icon on the device home screen and can be installed via play store or app store. The application works on a specific platform, it can efficiently handle the device based features.

With the multi-vendor app, the seller can now manage products and orders with a user-friendly app. Now the store can be easily managed by a tap.

The app will have two separate login one for the customer and the other for the seller. However, a seller will be able to enjoy the features of both customers as well as sellers.

If new to e-commerce world and confused about what to choose between Hybrid vs native app, kindly read-

Magento 2 Native Apps Vs Hybrid : What to choose

Advantages of the App

  • Better Performance- The native app with multi-vendor features will create an app that has got a high range of avenue for the app user.

Being a native app it gives the advantage of better hardware connectivity. The multi-vendor functionality can make store management easy.

  • Machine Learning- The app uses the advanced technology to make the app more competent to attract customer on the store.

The marketplace will have millions of products the customer which makes it difficult for the customer looks for a single product this issue is resolved by image search via Machine learning.

  • Enhanced UI/UX- The native apps with multi-vendor features combined can give its users multiple features to enhance user engagement.

The device-based features of a native app can aid the app with multiple beneficial features. The features of a multi-vendor app can give the customer options to buy from a wide range of products.

The seller can click on the Right navigation panel to view the seller-centric options. These options will allow them to operate the store in an efficient manner.

To know about the seller-centric features- 

Product Management from the Mobile app

Being a Multi-vendor app which has the seller-centric features. One of the major features is the addition of products to store via the app.

Apart from order management, shipment generation, and invoice generation. The seller can now add the product to store with a small device.

For now, we can only add Virtual and Simple products via the mobile device. The seller now needs to struggle with a laptop/desktop to add the products.

They can simply add the product by filling the product details and click the image of the product with the phone camera to add them to products details.

The seller can add products anywhere and anytime. Hence, increasing the Mobility of the store. The seller can even edit the product details from the app.

Any change was done in the product details from the stock of products to other new details done by the app will be reflected on the website. The app is fully synchronized with the website in real-time, any changes on app-end will be reflected in front-end.

 Order Management

The seller/vendor can now easily manage the quantity of the product from an app. The seller can easily print an invoice, shipment and send an email. However, the seller can print the invoice individually or collectively.

The order generated from any end can be reflected in the app and can be managed from there. Both the guest and register user can place an order from the app and track the order.

Thus, the seller can now receive the order from all sort of customer which will generate high sales on the store.

To know more on seller order management via mobile app, click here.

Offline First Approach

The traditional mobile application had the major flaw that the app needs full network or internet connection to operate. With the advancement in every sector, the mobile apps have also evolved to sort this issue.

The app user can now else work in both online and offline mode.

The concept of offline first approach is to save the pages which the customer has browsed with when internet connection was working. The cache memory saves the browsing history and displays images when net connectivity is low.

This technique is helpful majorly in case of Travel where the internet connectivity is not constant.


  • Effective in Lower connectivity area- The internet connectivity is a major issue still in many parts of third world countries.

The places where the network connection is erratic the mobile app will help a lot as it will allow to browser the even in such a situation.

  • Continous customer browsing-The customer can enjoy continuous browsing over the app. This will increase user engagement as now the net connectivity will not be a constraint for removal of interest.
  • Review the Browse pages- It is said that the probability of an increase in the sales conversion will depend on the number of times the user has to view the product.

This feature will allow them to view the product pages multiple times even when network connectivity is absent.

For more, details of offline app mode, you can check our Mobikul Features page- Offline Mode.

Machine Learning

Magento 2 Multi-Seller Mobile App is equipped with a very useful feature that eases the search process of the app user. The machine learning technique uses ML kit- SDK to implement the Google’s machine learning.

This method can allow the customer to quickly search the products on the store. In an e-commerce app, this feature will give a big reason to increase the sales with increasing user engagement. The machine learning here uses two cases-

1- Text Detection- In this case, the customer can enter the text image to find the desired product.

2-Object Detection- Whereas in this case, the customer can look for products via clicking the image of the desired object.

These features can be extended to face recognition/ landmark detection and barcode scanning for implementing uncountable use cases.

The customer needs to write the click on the camera button, which will display a pop-up asking-Text Detection and Product Detection. Hence, enabling the camera which takes input in the form of the image. Then present a list of relevant products to choose from.

RTL Support

With the increase in customer on an e-commerce platform the need for multi-lingual support increases. The support not only focuses on the language translation.

Magento 2 Multi-Seller Mobile App is efficient enough to sort both the above purposes. The Unicode structure is followed to create the app. Along with the A/B testing to finalize the layout of the app.

Henceforth, providing the layout of the app which attracts maximum local customer RTL language format.

So, if you wish to know more about How to Start Magento 2 RTL Template?- click here.


Thus, Magento 2 Multi-Seller Mobile App is the complete solution to all the queries with regard to an online store management is a quick and easy way.

The app will give all the store an upliftment in sales as now it could be accessed by the user anywhere and anytime. It is a solution for both Android and iOS user.

So, if you are having a Magento 2 store that you wish to upgrade. You can switch to a mobile app, which is powerful to attract customer and create the marketplace for sellers.

That’s all for How to start Magento 2 Multi Seller Mobile App?  in case if have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views

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