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    How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment for Magento 2

    Shopping Cart abandonment

    Shopping cart abandonment means customers choose the product, add them into their carts, then they leave the cart without placing the order or may be due to some other reasons pertaining to the product pricing.

    There are also many reasons to leave shopping cart which might include –  website speed, complex checkout process etc.

    Store Owners can use different business tactics to reduce shopping cart abandonment and to increase the sales conversion.

    Some of the reasons and tips to overcome shopping cart abandonment are as follows –

     Sudden Hike In Pricing

    The price hike means an increase in cart price due to extra costs like- shipping & handling rate, convenience charges etc.

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    The price hike is a common factor to reduce sales conversion. If you add more extra cost then there is a chance in an increase of the bounce rate.

    To overcome this, we can offer free shipping to our customers and Webkul is having Magento 2 marketplace free shipping module for the customers to resolve this problem.


    Track Abandoned Cart

    Whenever a customer adds a product in the cart and leaves the shopping cart website due to any reason, it becomes difficult to track these customers.

    But, using the Abandoned Cart Email Reminder module, the admin can see the list of all the abandoned cart customers and send them a follow-up email for completing the checkout process. And can also check the response weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

    Effortless Navigation

    If customers easily find the product which they want to purchase then they can quickly select the product and make checkout without wasting time.

    So with the help of the advance layered navigation, the customer can easily filter the desired product by using category, different attributes and attribute’s values like – product color, Size, price etc.webkul-abandoned -cart-layered-navigatin

    And whenever customers search for the product If they easily get accurate search product or related search suggestions then it will help to decrease bounce rate.webkul-elastic-frontend

    You can also add Quick order feature with your website.

    From a quick order form, a buyer can easily search and add a product using its SKU or product name and purchase a bulk number of different types of products without visiting every product.

    webkul-magento2-quickorder-product1-1It will reduce the number of clicks and reduces the time for the customers.

    Product Information

    In online shopping, it is difficult for the customer to touch or experience the product physically.

    So customers want to collect more and more product information before making any sort of purchase decision.

    If customers get any kind of wrong product information or less product information then for sure there will be a chance to leave the website without purchasing.

    Hence it becomes quite necessary for the website/store owner to keep eye on the product information and deliver the complete product information to customers.

     Speed & security of Website

    When customers purchase online through website and pages are taking a lot of time to load, customers might leave the website and thus create a decrease in sales conversion of your site.

    For example – Sometimes customers are making a payment and the page is loading then suddenly the page freezes out and the customer gets a message – timeout or transaction failed.

    You can enhance the speed and security of the website so that customers get the hassle-free shopping experience.

    And these days every customer has the smartphones, and if you facilitate them better user-friendly mobile application experience.

    Then more and more customer connect with your website/store and for sure it will decrease abandoned cart numbers and increase your sales conversion.

    “Call of Action” Button

    Call of action button (add to cart, continue shopping) should be visible properly on the product page/cart so that customer can easily place the order without the need for searching the buttons. webkul-magento2-product-page


    Customers have any kind of query to placing the order then customers want to make contact with the seller and want to a reply as soon as possible.

    If communication is slow then customers can get a feel bad factor and might go ahead purchasing from another website and you might lose your sale.

    For this, Webkul offers these modules-

    Magento 2 Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat allows customers to receive instant replies from the sellers.

    Marketplace Buyer Seller Communication For Magento 2 buyer can communicate with the seller regarding their query about particular product and seller can respond for the same.

    You can also add the FAQs on the store and can easily resolve basic query of customers like – about the return policy, replacement policy etc.

    Discount Coupons & Loyalty Points

    If customers want to purchase any kind of product, then they compare this product on many websites and purchase the product from where they will get more profit.

    Every business needs new customers but the more important part is that how to retain your existing customers.

    For this, the seller can generate discount coupons for their products and send the customers.

    And can also provide the loyalty reward points on purchase to attract the customers those leave the website without purchasing after adding the product to the shopping cart.

    The customers can redeem these coupons and get an extra discount while purchasing a product.

    This can benefit the seller by reducing the number of abandoned carts while the customers can save money.

    One Step Checkout

    Sometimes customers do not want to place the order due to the lengthy & complex checkout process. Customers want simple and easy checkout process.

    Sometime Customers also do not want to create the account to complete the checkout process.

    So that you should provide guest checkout option to smoothly complete the checkout process without sign-up.

    Customers are happy if they have one step checkout facility and Webkul offers one step checkout for Magento 2

    to sol
    Webkul-one-step- checkout

    Customer Trust & Satisfaction

    Trust is the important factor between seller and buyer in the e-commerce industry.

    If customers write positive reviews for your online store and product then other customers see those reviews and for sure, it will increase your product sales.

    You can show customer’s review, rating etc. to other customers to build the trust.


    Customer satisfaction is very important for any business. By adding an RMA(return merchandise authorization) service to your store for the product will improve customer satisfaction.

    That’s why RMA is an essential feature of any functional e-commerce store. It provides the freedom to the customer to return and exchange the bought goods.

    The customers will be more confident while purchasing the product. It will create more transparency between the customers and the seller.

    That’s all for How to reduce Shopping cart abandonment for Magento 2, still, you have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the article better  

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