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    How Micro Interaction Animation Emphasis User Experiences?

    Updated 1 October 2019

    To stay connected to the world, Every product designer need to focus on upgrading their customer’s engagement by creating memorable experiences in their designs.

    Any of the application can become more understandable for the user if it includes Micro Interaction in their UI/UX design.

    So, how can we pull the user’s crowd to our app, how can we differentiate that our app is more useful than the other regular app.

    So I found some better ideas for our app is to implementing micro interaction animation to emphasis the user experience which helps user to under stand easily that how well these micro animation elements of your application is integrated with its function.

    • Micro interactions has plays a very important role in both UI & UX designs”.

    What actually micro-Interaction is?

    Micro interaction is the Tiny animations and its the appropriate medium to showcase animations and visual responses that has an amazing psychological impact on the user, when a user perform an action to which the interface react to then let the user know that the action is completed successfully, that’s the use of micro interaction.

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    What thought comes in my mind to increase User Experience?

    Being As a Motion designer, I always try to create those interactions in very tiny time spam but have a more attractive and a useful design to enhance the overall experiences of user while he/she is engaging with a particular app or website.

    Why micro interaction is needed in UI/UX design?

    In today’s design world, almost every designer adding micro elements in their designs to provide better UX for their users, and these kind of micro animations create essential and meaningful relationships between the user and application they uses & it define that user can easily understand and interact with the UI

    I’ve Created Some Concept Examples of Micro interaction so that we can easily understand how we can implement micro interaction in our designs?

    Micro interaction animation is perfect way to convey the actual meaning of your design elements which occurs in your products.

    Here are some more examples of micro interactions which i have made for you to understand in what type we can implement micro-interactions:

    1. Progressing Stage

    progress bar

    2. Positive-Negative


    3. Clock Loading


    4. Searching


    5. Enable/Diable


    6. Parallel Line Loader


    7. Carousel


    8. Mute-Volume


    9. Wifi Loader


    10. Like


    11. Jelly Loader


    I hope this blog and these examples helps you to understand the importance of how Micro-interaction animation are useful in the UI/UX Design.

    Credits- Thanks to Nitish Khagwal to Boost me with the new creative ideas like one of this… Love Webkul

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